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123 Kids Fun EDUCATION is a collection of 15 educational and entertainment games designed for the younger members of the family. *** BEST OF 2014 PRESCHOOL TOOLBOX by *** This app includes puzzles which teach children to recog

This Free jigsaw like puzzle game helps your kids develop matching, tactile and fine motor skills while playing almost 90 different Puzzles. It is a fun and educational learning game for preschool children and toddlers including those with autism. W

Project Planner is a project and task planning application that makes it easy to keep track of multiple projects and tasks. Project Planner is the mac version of popular iOS applications Project Planner 2 and Project Planner 2 HD. Project Planner a

Smart Sync

6 years ago

Smart Sync is a tool which helps you to sync or backup files and folders between different folders with a very friendly and clean UI. With it you can manage your folders, documents and files effectively. And at last, it's really easy to use. You can


6 years ago

This program was developed as an independent application for invoicing services of a rental objects (Apartments, Offices …). But it also works for objects, where only the service must be paid. Beside the simple and intuitive operation, a high

The Navaja Secure EMAIL is the 100% secure and easy solution to protect your email, messages, notes and fb postings and private, business text communication! Extrem strong encryption: AES 256 DL !!! Crypto Level 4 !! ► Extremely secure and mo

Resume Maker®

6 years ago

ResumeMaker® Write a better resume. Get a better job!™ Resume Maker® makes writing a professional resume easy. We provide all the tools you need to write a high quality resume that will get the attention of hiring managers. Our resume


6 years ago

Move past colored dots to fully colored folders. Don't settle for tiny tag indicators. Get the full folder colors you're looking for. Drag and drop folders with folderol and instantly color-code your work and better organize your life. Folderol is

Interesting password generator with a lot of features: • Select the set of characters you want to use (Numbers, Lowercase, Uppercase, Symbols, Special Symbols) • Exclude confusing characters (0, o, O, l, 1, etc...) • Select which char

Flashcards with great sounds and animations in many categories: Furniture, Insects, Fruits, Vehicles, Cutlery and Dishes, Clothes, Vegetables, Animals, Bathroom. It's an adorable App for children to learn basic English words. In this app you will

This Free jigsaw like puzzle game helps your kids develop matching, tactile and fine motor skills while playing almost 90 different Puzzles. It is a fun and educational learning game for preschool children and toddlers including those with autism. W

The application features activities that foster children’s creativity and motor skills. 123 Kids Fun Puzzle was extensively tested with preschool children to ensure its design is as simple as possible and children can explore the application in


6 years ago

Loopster plays back audio files and lets you change the playback speed independently from pitch and vice versa while keeping the best possible audio quality of the stretched and / or transposed output. Many apps around have these features and maybe

Keychain2Go is a Password Manager and keychain sync solution. Store all your passwords, credit card information and other secure information in one place, strongly encrypted and secured by a master password with Mac OS X inbuilt keychain. Keychain


6 years ago

SQLPro for MSSQL is a lightweight Microsoft SQL Server database client, allowing quick and simple access to MSSQL Servers, including those hosted via cloud services such as SQL Azure or Amazon RDS. Features include: + Syntax highlighting (including

For intermediate to advanced level students: This exercise tests your grammar skills and some vocabulary. It tells you your study level at the end, and is very accurate in our English teaching experience (Of course, nothing is perfect!)

Plist Extractor

6 years ago

This tool can extract png image files from sprite sheet(.pvr.ccz or .pvr or .png and plist). Make sure you have both the image and plist files in the same directory and open both the two files because of the apple sandbox. This app is free. Please he

Control your Samsung SmartTV "There is a profound and enduring beauty in simplicity, in clarity, in efficiency in this Remote." The simplified Remote for your Samsung TV. Just all you need in one app. Turn your TV on, connect the Mac to the sa

Beautifully designed and simple to use recipe manager, Oregano is your perfect kitchen companion. It helps you organise your recipes, allowing you to have more time to cook. Finding and discovering new recipes has never been made easier thanks to i

Stationery Themes for Mail - Templates Guru provides you with 160 stationaries for Apple’s Mail. Just choose a template, add your text and photos, and send the exceptional email to your business prospect, teammate, or friend. The 160 template - All the templates in the app and even more! TH Templates for Pages Docs is a collection of excellent 330 templates for business and personal use. The templates contain multiple layouts and currently there are more than 600 layout


6 years ago

SuperDraw is a powerful and easy-to-use graphics program for creating business graphics, diagrams, illustrations, layouts, advertisements, and presentations. Simple and Intuitive SuperDraw lets you draw any object easily, including rectangles, ell

+++ Time Tracking for your Mac – finally done right! +++ Time tracking should be easy and effortless. That's what Caato Time Tracker is about! It's reliable, easy-to-use and hassle-free. It’s perfect for you as a small business owner, de

45 Langenscheidt dictionaries for 13 languages available for in-app purchase Full wordlist and 100 sample translations of each dictionary to preview before buying _____ The app allows a quick and easy navigation and for you to try out any of the 45

zCommander is advanced and comprehensive file management software. It looks like simple but is actually beautiful and powerful and rapid. Must-have Software for all users (especially for immigrators from PC and power-users). No more searching for Tot

Construction Cost Estimator helps contractors and service companies quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. You can save time and money by creating the estimate on the spot and then emailing it to the customer as a PDF

Trout is a mind mapping app that allows you to rapidly associate ideas and help you organise your ideas in a non-linear way. You can use images on your mind map. Drag from Photos or Finder You are not restricted from cross linking your nodes and l

PDF Editor Pro

6 years ago

An unbeatable PDF editor in your business! *** Time-limited special offer 40% Off (Original Price $99.99) *** Why Choose Wondershare PDF Editor Pro? It is a powerful and easy to handle PDF tool. It allows editing your PDF from any documents, web pag


6 years ago

Diagrammix is a tool for efficiently building attractive diagrams. Compatible with the latest 10.13 and earlier! What are the main features of the app? - Several unique styles to create professional looking diagrams. - Simplicity of use. - Conte

PassDirector is an encrypted, password protected database for sensitive personal data: - bank accounts, credit cards - email accounts, web passwords - serial numbers - hardware passwords, Internet connection passwords - phone numbers - any other priv