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Mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to any device in your local Wifi or remote via Internet. Share your screen on a Smart TV, Mac, PC, Laptop, Gaming Console, Smartphone or Tablet. The Screen Mirroring App can connect to any Web Browser and cast your

Plan, organize, move, delete, complete, and schedule tasks in bulk like the productivity wizard that you are. You're in total control with 18 gestures that will make you the list master of the universe. With this much power at your thumbprints, there

Just take a photo of your document, add your name and signature on it and fax it to your accountant. Isn't it wonderful that you can do all of this and many more through our perfect scanner application? Introducing Scanner Unlimited: Scan & Sign; th

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Welcome to Spike - a single feed for all of your work. Stop switching between email, chat apps, note apps, task managers, todo lists, calendar & video call apps––get it all together in one extremely powerful inbox. “Spike is what

A clean whiteboard and several basic colors, just draw together. Simple, easy, focused and fun. I made this app as a prototype for a larger app I was working on, to my delight my kids LOVED it. They use this whenever they want to draw instead of the

Cleaner One can optimize your Mac by cleaning your disk drive, finding duplicate photos and other files, managing your apps, and much more. [Junk Files Cleaner] • Clean temporary files, including logs, mail caches, iTunes and iOS temporary fil


1 month ago

Multi-country/region: global coverage of over 200 countries/regions. Multiple participants: support 100 people for real-time meetings.   Main functions: ● 1080P hd video conferencing ● Shared screen (your desktop or any application

Amplify, equalize and boost your audio with 3-D surround. Features: ● Amplifier up to 999% ● 10-channel equaliser with several built-in and up to 100 user profiles ● 20-channel spectrum analyser ● L-R VU power meters `

Calculator Smart

2 months ago

Calculator Smart is the greatest, most accurate calculator ever made, with stunning modern interface. You can make everyday simple calculations or complex computations straight from your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. An accurate and flawless calculat

보고할 땐 메시지로, 협업할 땐 채팅으로 보안은 완벽하게! E-메신저, 오피스/


3 months ago

The eco-friendly and educational connection companion - Remember your credentials locally on your devices and use them in one click - Strengthen the security of your accounts and improve your UpSignOn score by generating strong and unique passwords

Use VPN to feel confident that your internet activity (home, public wifi, cellular) is always secure, private and anonymous. VPN protects your passwords, credit card, and bank accounts from hackers. Get FREE VPN Basic OR buy Privacy Plus Premium to

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Fretello teaches you the guitar skills you need to play the songs you love, taking you from zero to hero with as little as 20 minutes of practice a day. You'll learn all the basics of guitar with our beginner video courses, develop them with our dail

Free VPN is the safest, most private, and most secure VPN on the App Store. Unlike our competition, we don't collect, store, or sell your data. Our users' privacy is of utmost importance and our commitment to protecting their data is second-to-none.

VPN+ for Phone

3 months ago

Stark VPN offers Hi-Speed VPN for anonymity and protection of user data. Stark VPN has high speed servers specifically for United States and Middle East region, giving higher speed VPN in these areas. With Stark VPN, Super Unlimited Proxy VPN server

JDM Racing

3 months ago

Drive legendary Japanese cars on various tracks. Beat records, take part in different racing events, rise from Beginner to Pro League driver. Collect, win, tune up, and upgrade your dream cars. FEATURES: - Enjoy realistic physics, simulating every

Monograms for Cricut

3 months ago

Create & design beautiful monograms. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, events, and more! Preview your designs before printing on our app. Get it today! Disclaimer: This app includes in app purchases for Monograms access.

Why limit yourself to the few stock filters that come with your photo apps? Make each picture perfect with infinite filters, available only through Infltr! Designed to be the most advanced photo editor for iOS & macOS, Infltr is also very simple to


3 months ago

*** Named “Most Innovative iPad App of the Year” by Apple App Store *** LiquidText offers a fast, natural way to review, gather, and organize information across all your documents and webpages—then apply the results to writing repo

The Levelator

3 months ago

The Levelator is software that evens out the variations in audio levels within your podcast or other audio file. For example, so one speaker is at the same level as a second speaker. It's not a compressor, normalizer or limiter although it contains a

Apple Developer

3 months ago

Welcome to Apple Developer, your source for developer stories, news, and educational information — and the best place to experience WWDC. • Stay up to date on the latest technical and community information. • Browse news, developer s

RecMaster is a professional and useful screen recording software. It supports accurate screen recording of any desktop activities such as desktop presentations, live webcasts, and business meeting videos. You can record full screen or custom area ac

Aliyun Network Client

4 months ago

Smart access gateway software for accessing aliyun.

*The must-have app with a small size that is no more than a few megabytes; *Easy-to-use and simplistic interface; *Completely free with no ads inside; *Various use cases and short startup time; *One of the best rated apps; *Download Now! This is an


4 months ago

A painting app for all artists, whether you’re experienced or just starting out. Perfect for creating beautiful works of art or a quick sketch whenever and wherever you have a burst of inspiration. You can also try out ideas and compositions b


4 months ago

jMedia is a powerful Photo and Video management and sharing app which provides the capability to edit and share your media content with your friends and family . Our app gives you different flavors to access your photos across the devices mobile, des

MultiPanel is a simple application that allows you to organize frequently used applications, documents and folders using small panels (like Dock). MultiPanel evolved as a new version of ActiveDock was being created. Some these new features might be

Directive helps you stay up to date with routine maintenance to safeguard the important things in your life. Regular maintenance saves money by reducing the need for costly emergency repairs, plus, it gives you peace of mind, knowing that crucial sa