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FitaDo is the smartest personal trainer: it can generate you customizable workouts, it tracks your progress and it brings the exercises to your home in Augmented Reality. You can workout at home, in the gym, outside in a park or anywhere you would l

iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch _______________________ Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States of America. Learn all about who Richard Nixon and what made him a well rounded person. This application includes remastered photos, a vast c


SyncTime Lite

2 hours ago

* This is the Lite version of SyncTime which doesn't offer loading and saving sync items. * SyncTime is the simplest solution to synchronize your files. Did you ever wish you could easily keep up to date all your backup copies, distributed across ma

Mick Tagger

2 hours ago

Mick Tagger is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of music discovery and organization features: === Mailbox Monday Are you a pro user? Do you enjoy finding new music? Following too many playlists? Too many new songs to keep track of? Use Mailbox Monday

Browse files&folders in tree view, and show file number and file size at the same time, it is really intuitive to know the content of your folders and disks. [Key Feature] 1. Browse folders and files in tree view, also display file number and file s

Enable Picture-in-Picture for your favourite website** with just one click. Simply click miniVideo icon in your safari toolbar to enable Picture-in-Picture! binge-watching while working or studying was never been this easy! Download today and enjo

AirMIND Companion is designed to help educators and students collaborate effortlessly in a classroom. There’s no need for wires, cables or flat drives in a classroom, anymore. Download the AirMIND companion app and share files and content wirel

Navicat Data Modeler is a powerful and easy-to-use database design tool for creating and manipulating data models. It supports various database systems, including MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Navicat Data Modeler allows

Are you working on a project? Planning a vacation? Or storyboarding your writing? XNote Organize lists unlimited ideas and tasks, visually, in an easy and fun flowchart! - Quickly create notes and create links between each to create a diagram of you



2 hours ago

Have you ever struggle to create beautiful scatter plots? When you need to check distribution of your data, scatter plots may be suitable. However, it is really difficult to create a beautiful scatter plot using Microsoft Excel, or other popular app

iTaskX 4

2 hours ago

EFFORTLESS PLAN AND TRACK PROJECTS For 15 years iTaskX is one of the world’s leading project management applications for Mac. It’s easy-to-use and it’s powerful. Feature-rich capability makes it the first choice for project manager

Label LIVE

2 hours ago

Label LIVE makes designing and printing labels on your Mac intuitive and hassle-free. Works with any inkjet printer, laser printer or thermal printer from Brother, DYMO, GoDEX, ROLLO, TSC, Zebra and more. Print labels with barcodes, import spreadshe

A steampunk-ish detective adventure from the creator of A Golden Wake and Shardlight! Can private investigator Miles Fordham find justice for his clients and track down his partner's killer before his entire world comes apart? • "I fostered a li


A software for identifying text information on pictures, mainly including text recognition and card identification. [Introduction] Scan King - is a powerful image scanning tool based on AI's leading deep learning algorithm that uses optical charact

Taskheat is a visual task manager that allows you to break down your responsibilities and link them to build a path to your goals. You'll end up with a flowchart that lets you focus on the steps that are under your control to get you where you want t

Self Timer

2 hours ago

This app will turn your Mac into a camera. Set a timer and take photos from your webcam. Choose the best photo with the multi-shot function and edit the photo as you please. Try this app and you won't be able to do without it!

Fashion Art

2 hours ago

Beautiful, Creative Fashion Design Software with Vector Drawing Tools and Ready Design Elements. Includes Ready Made T-Shirt, Apparel Forms, Mockups, Design Elements, Shape Collections. Total 23 Shape Collections, more than 500 elements. Fashion Ar


When you search for a card to gift someone you love, you can't find a creative and exclusive card to give? And if you want to make a card with your own photos but don't know how to design it? Birthday Cards Maker - Collage is the best application if


- Create GIF or timelapse video by images mixed from GIF | images | videos - Extract images from GIF or video and save them into the Pictures folder - Re-edit or watermark an existed GIF with keeping its original frame-delay-time for each frame Fe


*** BIG SALE *** Use Trello Web without browser, create new cards instantly from anywhere via hotkeys and Quick Entry Window! It is not convenient to work with service using web-browser: you can’t quickly switch to Trello using the


Locman lite

2 hours ago

nautical navigation application for all kind of vessels. Uses free S57 nautical vector charts

AWARD-WINNING 3D CANINE ANATOMY FOR VETERINARY STUDIES! Trusted by veterinary students, professors, and professionals in over 120 countries, EasyAnatomy was built in partnership with leading universities and anatomists to unmatched medical accuracy

Core Training for Final Cut Pro 10.4 teaches you how to edit movies using Apple’s flagship professional video editing application. With Core Training for Final Cut Pro 10.4, you'll learn how to: • Navigate the interface • Use Librar

Pine Player

2 hours ago

Pine Player is an exclusive listening digital music player for music lovers who use the OSX operating system. It can play almost all existing digital audio forms such as MP3, FLAC, APE, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF, OGG, WMA, DSD, SACD ISO etc. and it also ha

Ahoy Map Maker

2 hours ago

Easily create shareable maps to plan your next event or trip. Ahoy map maker allows you to draw over any map area to mark points of interest, show paths and directions or highlight areas, which can then be exported as an image file for sharing with

••• 65% Off - Limited Time Offer ••• Image Mix - Dissolve allows you to give fun and artistic effects to your photos. With Image Mixer - Dissolve you can merge different images to create an amazing effect in your photos


This app provides a sequence of balanced postures which help you feel better in just a few minutes.

A little application for creating subtitles as text objects for use in Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve, and other programs that will read the fcpxml format. The program will read a .txt og .srt file and generate a fcpxml file that you import in

Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet is among the few games that Apple selected as Best of Mac App Store 2016! Pirate heroine Nelly Cootalot takes on the villainous Baron Widebeard in this point and click adventure game. Meet a hilarious cast of character


Camera Fotor FX Studio 360 is a powerful photo maker for you to create amazing photos using your photos, fun stickers, text with cool fonts. Artistic filters More a 240 are available. These special effects can be applied both globally and individual