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djay Pro 2

11 hours ago

djay Pro 2 is the next generation of Algoriddim’s Apple Design Award award-winning DJ software with countless new features, a redesigned user interface, and advanced library management tools. djay Pro’s unique, modern interface is built a


21 days ago

Listen to streaming internet radio in an ultra-simple, single-purpose app. Sample the joys of free, public Irish radio on your device with the built-in presets, or upgrade to the full version and add your own stations from the Station Directory, or

Imagine the possbility to press and mash buttons, the possibility to hear incredible sounds in front of thousands or on your! With DJ Soundboard we have collated some of the best sound effects to make sure your DJ set will hipe up your audience to th

Control your Sonos system right from your Mac’s Menu Bar without distracting you from your current tasks. Change volume, pause your music, skip a track and start playing music from your Sonos favorites. It serves as a little addition for quick


11 days ago

SpeakLine lets your Mac talk to you! Write some text, select a voice and your Mac reads it out loud. Enjoy your words with funny voices or read texts in native languages. FEATURES: • import TXT or RTF files • export your texts as an AIFF

Remotely control forScore with Cue! Connect wirelessly to one or more nearby devices using forScore and you’ll be able to turn pages, go to a specific page, scroll up and down or toggle half-page turns (depending on each device’s orientat

Start off on the right note every time with Pitch, Please! This beautiful pitch pipe sports a three-octave range in C-C or F-F, with your choice of carefully crafted sounds: choose piano or clarinet to hear your note for several seconds, or switch to

Live from The East Valley Institute of Technology in Mesa, AZ - 88.7 THE PULSE is staffed and created by East Valley high school students from over 70 different schools. We are LIVE on air and online 24/7/365. THE PULSE is The Valley’s ONLY com

Chords and Scales lets you explore chords, scales, chord progressions and compose songs in intuitive and interactive way. It helpful for musicians from beginners to experts and allows you to understand musical structures and find inspiration. All ch


2 days ago

Do you want to enjoy your mpd or kodi music library using a fluent and modern controller on your iPhone and iPad? Then Rigelian is for you. Fully up-to-date with the latest developments in iOS, Rigelian lets you browse through your music library qui

Dapper is an Audiophile's best friend. It makes transferring your playlists, music and album art from iTunes, the MacOS Music app or a Folder on your Mac to your Hires Digital Audio Player easy! All modern players can be synced including players fro

Take a trip back to the days of Rubiks Cubes, Parachute pants, Cabbage Patch kids and Tickle me Elmo. When your boom box was blasting the hits of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Def Leppard, Nirvana, and The New Kids on the Block.

Get your ideas down quickly with Nocturne. When a complete studio in your pocket is overkill, Nocturne gives you the immediate freedom to improvise and iterate. Just connect your MIDI device to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (adapters may be requir

*** This app is for the Musician who want to play SOLO [Nr.19] of Karlheinz Stockhausen for Study, Live Performance, Concerts, Lessons etc... It have not sense to employ this app otherwise. You can hear fully the first version performed by Enrico Fr

Sleek, efficient, and responsive, TuneWave is the no-nonsense utility that lets you tune your instrument quickly and easily. TuneWave uses a beautiful sine wave animation to give you a visual sense of focus by reducing amplitude as you zero in on you

Scrobbles for brings the music network to your Mac! The app offers both statistics and iTunes scrobbling. Features: • iTunes Scrobbling Scrobble your currently playing track to Tracks that were played in the pa

StrandOrgan lets you play Lars Palo's sample set of the Strand pipe organ of the church in Kalvträsk, Sweden, on a MIDI keyboard attached to your iOS device. The Kalvträsk Church sampleset is provided by Lars Palo under the Creative Commons

OttOrgan lets you play the Ott-Orgel sample set of Christian Datzko on a MIDI keyboard and a MIDI pedal attached to your iOS or macOS device. The Ott organ is a house organ with five ranks at one manual and an attached pedal with a 16' subbass. If yo

Enjoy 25 exclusive popular Russian radio stations

MenzelOrgan lets you play Lars Palo's sample set of the Menzel organ of the funeral chapel in Bureå, Sweden, on a MIDI keyboard and a MIDI pedal attached to your iOS or macOS device. The Bureå Funeral Chapel sample set is provided by Lars

Learn to read sheet music and improve your sight-reading skills with Music Tutor. Develop your speed and accuracy in reading sheet music by identifying music notes in timed sessions. Choose to practice with notes in treble, bass and alto clefs in tim

Never miss a beat with this stylish and amazingly accurate metronome: it balances the functionality you need with the precision you expect, all in an intuitive interface that's designed to get you playing as quickly as possible. Introducing Beat Keep

Record, crop and trim audio, paste in or join files, or just rapidly split one long file into many. Record live performances, import your music files, create your own music, apply digital effects and save in all major file formats with Audio Pro! Au

bs-spectrum is a simple FFT spectrum analyzer application. This application calculates FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) of the sound which is recorded by the iPad & iPhone's internal mic. The calculated data is displayed as graph.

Logic Pro X

23 days ago

Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated creative tools for professional songwriting, beat making, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that’s designed to get results quickly and also deliver more

iAnalyzer is originally a FFT based professional software to analyze the audio signals for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, now we release this great App for the OS X. After 4 years of good sales all over the world, we are glad to see that iAnalyzer has

Meet Metronomics HD, the full-featured big brother of the popular iPhone metronome Metronomics -- the perfect practice tool for everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals needing the most complex rhythmic options. The Metronomics apps are th

Prime is an easy and powerful way to play back all of your multitracks, loops and click tracks in a live performance or rehearsal. GENERAL FEATURES: • Change the Key of any song • Change the Tempo of any song • Customize Song Arrange

Instrument Scales is the perfect app for guitar/bass players that want to view scales while playing! You can choose between over 100 scales, zoom, scroll, change tunings and even use tabs for easy access to your favorite setups! This app currently su

Learn your favorite songs without tabs or sheet music. Whether you play for the world or yourself, all musicians need a good ear for harmony, melody, and rhythm. Using the songs in your music collection, Capo guesses the beats, chords, and key of s