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MathBox does the math homework for you. Just snap a photo of any math problem, and voila - you get clear step by step solution explanation. Get unstuck in math and learn maths better. MathBox will help you solve your math homework faster and have bet

Class Timetable is the perfect companion for school, college or university. Keep track of classes and add events to your week's schedule with ease. With over seven million downloads, Class Timetable features a beautiful color filled interface, opti

Fretello teaches you the guitar skills you need to play the songs you love, taking you from zero to hero with as little as 20 minutes of practice a day. You'll learn all the basics of guitar with our beginner video courses, develop them with our dail

A big translator and dictionary from English to Russian and from Russian to English with automatic language detection. The translation contains real life example phrases for better understanding and assimilation of the word. The built-in offline Engl

Sensei offers the popular guide to learning Japanese grammar created by Tae Kim, to take you from beginner to master.  Free and effective. Learn Japanese grammar in a rational, intuitive way that makes sense in Japanese. The explanations are fo

– Featured at top of the Apps tab February 2020! – – Featured in "Apps We Love Right Now: Hand-picked by the editors" in January 2020! – Over 25K Downloads! – School Assistant by Sun Apps is a simple but powerful

Class Planner allows teachers to easily keep a record of their lesson plans which include the standards, homework and an online reference link. Features • 1 week or 2 week timetable. • Associate content standards with individual lessons

Rubric Scorer

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Designed by a teacher, for teachers. FEATURES • Import student rosters directly from Google Classroom • Support up to a 20 row x 10 column rubric • Sync scores to a Google Classroom assignment • Import a rubric from

Creative Book Builder is a powerful, flexible, and professional ebook generation tool. No matter you create book from scratch or existing content, no matter your content is simple or complex, CBB enables you to build your own content in an efficient

Imagine Learning® harnesses the power of technology to teach language and literacy to students around the world through engaging, interactive instruction. This mobile app is a companion to the Imagine Learning server and allows students and teach

Mateo helps your child master basic math facts. Problems are split into 20 modules, segmented by operation and difficulty. Mateo creates a custom workout that is based on student progress and optimized for long term retention. The ability to solve


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Calculate areas and volumes of most famous polygons in addition to quadratic and cubic formulas. In this app you can find: ◉ Area of: Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Trapezium, Triangle, Equilateral triangle, pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon, Cir

*INTEGRATES WITH COMPANION DESKTOP APP MAKE FLASHCARDS - Create flashcards with pictures, text, and hints - Create flashcards using lecture slides - Add hints with images & text - Edit + Cover Up key parts of a picture - Extract text from images (OC

iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch _______________________ Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States of America. Learn all about who Richard Nixon and what made him a well rounded person. This application includes remastered photos, a vast c

TouchAppCreator enables everyone to create touch-optimized, and content-centric mobile web apps for both iPhone and iPad in a few minutes on the go. No sign up is required. You can edit your app ONCE and generated app supports both iPhone and iPad au

[NEW] Perfect support for iOS, iPadOS, macOS iCoder is an application that provides IT advanced users with knowledge charging of algorithms. It is a necessary tool for comprehensive learning of algorithms and data structure knowledge and interviews.

Are you ready to begin a big adventure? Little captain get on board and sail on a big sailboat, a canoe or a sailboat! Intuitiveness and ease of use are the features of this app suitable for children, who can use it to have fun alone or with mom and

A lot of people dreams of flying through the clouds! Buckle up, sit down and let's go. Choose which way you will conquer the blue sky: a multi-coloured hot-air balloon, a comfortable airplane or a light kite dancing in the wind. Are you ready to be

Creative Widget Builder is a new way to create your own book widgets in order to add more fun and interactivity to EPUB, iBooks and HTML5 books. CWB works with iBooks Author, Creative Book Builder, and other apps that support book widgets. CWB supp

With Delta: Math helper, quickly solve any math problem with an algorithm. Save time checking your homework or studying for a test, it’s free! AVAILABLE FEATURES - Create algorithms with an easy and natural language in the editor - Quickly exe

Seek Ye First Bible Adventure is a family friendly Christian Bible game for kids! Meet 12 heroes from the Bible and help find their missing items. Each Bible Hero will tell you a little bit about themselves when you find their lost item! You may

uContact is a user-friendly tool to keep track of all your university professors' information. Enter their information just once during set up and you'll have on-going access to their contact info, office hours and any other important info you would


Avec WYN (What You Need), vous décuplez le potentiel de votre club et de votre établissement. Explorez les différents club des différents lycées du monde, collaborez et laissez place à votre imagination. Ren

Kids love using Pixie at school! Pixie Home Edition gives you their favorite tools from the Pixie used in schools at a lower cost. Pixie is exciting creativity software with an array of paint and easy-to-use image editing tools. Kids can tell stories

Pixie is the award winning creativity tool that students love using at school. Students can use Pixie to share ideas, imagination, and understanding through a combination of text, original artwork, voice narration, and images. Students can use Pixie&

Imagine Learning Español® harnesses the power of technology to teach Spanish language and literacy to students through engaging, interactive instruction. This mobile app is a companion to the Imagine Learning Español server and allo

SkyORB 3D takes you on a tour of the solar system or the galaxy Click "More" to learn why you should download this App today! This astronomy program charts the stars, planets, and other celestial objects such as comets and asteroids and lets you n

Study is a place for you to collect and memorize knowledge bits. These can range from vocabulary to formulae or historical dates. Study helps you integrate the sometimes tedious task of organizing and memorizing the stuff you need to learn into your

*** This resource is provided for personal use only. It must not be used for whole-class instruction via whiteboard or projector, unless every student in the class also has their own digital copy. *** Fall in love with Shakespeare’s timeless

**We are currently working on an updated version of Essay Grader for Mac OSX Yosemite. Please bear with us while we make the change. Thanks.** Provide excellent feedback and reduce grading time with Essay Grader. By moving back and forth between a s