Applications by Bastian-Roessler

>>> SALE! For a short time only 50% off! Get iScheduleTimeMachine for $1.99 down from $3.99 <<< iScheduleTimeMachine is the perfect Tool to customize when you want Time Machine to backup your data. iScheduleTimeMachine's Features are: - backup ti

TinyBrowser for Wikipedia is a lightweight and minimalistic Interface to Wikipedia. By using TinyBrowser you get less distracted while reading Wikipedia which will increase your productivity. Everybody knows the situation: You are working on a norma

ChatMate for Facebook is the latest member of the ChatMate family and the best app for using Facebook Messenger on your Mac. Only with ChatMate for Facebook you can send and receive voice messages, photos, videos, documents and Emojis. It is the mu

Unformat Clipboard solves a wildly known problem with copy and paste on the Mac. When you copy text from a website or a document the formatting (font, color, style, etc.) of the text also gets copied. When you paste that text into a document like a

ChatMate for WhatsApp is the successor of the famous App for WhatsApp and it is the best and most powerful App to use WhatsApp on your Mac. The App is among the TOP selling Apps in more than 30 countries worldwide and has received overwhelming user

Quick Translate Pro is an intuitive and easy to use translation tool for quick translations into 80 languages. Thereby Quick Translate lives in your Mac's menu bar, so it is never more than one click away! Quick Translate Pro's Key Features are: -

Tab Browser is the quick and easy way to always have an eye on the website that matters to you the most! Sitting in your Mac's menu bar, your favorite website is never more than one click away! Best of all: It is completely customizable! Features:

Rogallo FlightLog is the perfect App if you are a paragliding and/or hanggliding pilot and you finally want to have all of your GPS flight logs in one place. It is designed with professional XC pilots but also beginners and pleasure pilots in mind.