You may find that when watching professionals using certain pieces of software, that as well as using the mouse, they know an insane amount of shortcuts for that specific application. This is because using shortcuts speeds up your workflow incredibly, especially for commands that are executed on a regular basis. But how do you find out all of these shortcuts? Well, you could go to the MenuBar and toggle through each individual tab (where the shortcuts are displayed next to the command it carries out), or you could use CheatSheet. Using a simple hotkey, it will bring up a list of shortcuts specific to the application you're using! Using CheatSheet can change the way you work with applications, and ultimately make you more productive.

Opening the CheatSheet Panel

After installation, there isn't a window as such, or a solid application that can be opened. Nor is there a MenuBar icon which is available. To start with lets open an application. Once that is done, simply hold down the command (⌘) key for 2 seconds and a window will pop up.

Specific Application Shortcuts

After opening up CheatSheet the shortcuts are divided into sections, as they would be in the MenuBar, each shortcut is crisp and clear and its very easy to distinguish individual shortcuts and groups of options. Each application has its own shortcuts, so, when opening up CheatSheet panel all the shortcuts will work with the current application. If no application is open, it will display the shortcuts available for Finder, and shortcuts for copying and pasting files etc. CheatSheet: A simple and effective way to learning and using shortcuts There are not many customisable options for CheatSheet, when displaying the panel, in the lower right hand corner there are 3 options available. From here you can quit the application, print the current shortcuts and change the speed, which varies how quickly the window opens after holding down the command key. It allows you to change the speed roughly between 1 and 3 seconds.


CheatSheet, although a simple application is a great addition to your Mac, with an unobtrusive interface and simple layout of commands which are also clickable, it provides a unique way to learn application specific shortcuts which blends seamlessly into the OSX experience.