Its pretty easy to get bored of a wallpaper and switch it out for a new one every so often. But what if your wallpaper could display the time and live weather forecasts, all whilst looking absolutely amazing. Live Wallpaper for Mac offers just that, with 11 stunning themes to choose from this application will transform your desktop into an informative work of art with a click of a button.

Installation & First Use

Live Wallpaper can be downloaded straight from the Mac App Store, which makes the installation extra easy. Upon opening the application for the first time, you are presented with a short description of the application in case you are still unsure exactly what it does, along with a link to the SquidMelon (developers) Facebook page incase you have any extra questions.Live Wallpaper Welcome Message You will notice straight away that a default theme is applied to the desktop background, which is great and a sign of the simplicity and ease of use that is to come. Live Wallpaper is very similar to GeekTool, but with a major difference. Although many of the features found in Live Wallpaper can be duplicated with GeekTool, Live Wallpaper is so much simpler to use, unlike the experience with shell scripts, image placement and manipulation needed in GeekTool. Simply opening the application will get you started with a wallpaper and interactive live weather and time, however there are more options for customisation under the hood. To open up the preference pace, click on the icon in your MenuBar at the top of the screen and select the Preferences option.

Choosing a Theme

In the Preferences  panel the first thing to do is to pick a theme. When attempting this the first time, each theme has to be individually downloaded, and if too many are downloaded at once the application may lag a little. Do not worry because behind the scenes your brand new themes are being loaded into the application. Choose from 11 ThemesAfter they have downloaded, simply clicking on a theme will switch over your desktop, along with the layout and format of the time and weather. Simple, quick and effortless.

Customising the Theme

Each theme has separate elements that can then be edited and teamed to suit you better. The time can be set locally, and the location of the weather can be edited depending on what your location is. Most towns and even small villages are recognised when selecting a weather location so there are no issues of you not being able to get weather for your current location. Selet a weather zone and the units for displaying the temperature There is also an option for a customisable short message that is displayed on the wallpaper too. After editing all of the options available, exit the preferences panel and see what you have created! A theme using Paris as the subject After playing around with Live Wallpaper for a while I settled on a theme which uses a cool circular bar theme to display the time which moves with a very nice animation. All of the themes look great and the developers are adding more all the time, and best of all, they are free! The Polar Clock theme


Live Wallpaper offers a great and easy to use way of applying a dynamic wallpaper to your desktop. With 11 custom themes and enough customisation to make it unique, but not too complicated it is a great way to spice up your desktop!