Whether you like it or not, a majority of applications that run on Mac OSX, especially browsers, store files on your Mac to help remember previous settings so that in the future previews can be loaded slightly quicker. Although this may benefit you in the short run, over time, the storage of logs, caches and other similar files can begin to take up considerable room on your Mac. A way to combat this is to use CCleaner, it quickly identifies these redundant files, that your Mac's applications do not necessarily need to run and removes them from your hard drive with the click of a button. CCleaner will save you time and ultimately give you more room for files that you want to be stored on your System.

Installation and Interface

CCleaner can quickly be downloaded from the Mac App Store, which I am sure you are all familiar with by now! After launching there are 3 clear sections to the application. The first determines whether to enter the main cleaning area, the second takes you into the tools, and the third allows some customisation such as with cookies.


The main use for CCleaner is the main cleaning section. The first main section from which files can be cleaned are the files which are part of the operating system. This first area allows the removal of files from Safari, such as the cache, history, cookies and download history which can sometime be rather large, depending on how much browsing you do on a day to day basis. Files are also cleared up from the system, which include, trash, recent lists of documents, applications, servers and places as well as logs and directory service cache's. The third section that is available to clean in the operating system section are files from system applications such as software updates, quick look, console and the dashboard. Clean System Files The seconds section allows the cleaning of files from particular applications that you have installed on your Mac. Primarily browser caches, this section will remove unnecessary logs and caches from any application that you see fit. With the new version, the files are even cleaned if you still have the application running. Clean Application Files After selecting which items you wish to be cleaned, go ahead and select the "Clean" button which will remove all the files and display a very useful output to the main window, which is helpful if you wish to see what is happening.


The tools section has three main uses, uninstalling applications, repairing disk permissions and secure erasing free space. When uninstalling an application on your Mac, a simple drag and drop process to the trash is recommend by most publishers and Apple themselves. In reality, this only removes the main application, and not the preferences, and other caches it has saved to your hard drive. When using the uninstall function in CCleaner, everything related to that application will be removed, making room for other files on your hard drive. The repairing disk permissions is useful if you receive errors whilst using certain applications, and can quickly repair the permissions so they can be used to their full potential. CCleaner Tools When deleting files using the trash, they are not "actually" deleted, the space on the disk where they were is just earmarked as free. So, it is still possible for someone to recover these files, which you may not want doing. The secure erase free space will create a file, the exact size of the free space left on your Mac, and then delete, subsequently destroying any chance of your previously deleted files being recovered.


This section lets you manage the things you don't want deleting. For example if you use a particular site more than others, you may not want to clear the cache and cookies for this site, as it may slow down for you the next couple of times you visit it. There are also other options available which let you customise what is cleaned by default to give you more control over the whole process of clearing out files. CCleaner Options


CCleaner provides a simple, free, effective way of clearing out unnecessary files on your Mac. From browser caches, to repairing disk permissions. With an intuitive interface and easy customisable options, it is sure to keep your Mac is shape and feeling healthy, whilst maintaing the files which you want to keep, in their rightful place.