Google Reader is a great centralised place to catch up on the latest posts from your favourite blogs and websites, allowing users to subscribe to multiple sites and discover content all in one place. However, Caffeinated can make reading and staying up to date with these websites, a smoother, simpler and more streamlined experience. With multiple feeds, search, favourites, sharing tools and loads more, reading content from the web will never be the same.

Downloading & Installation

It used to be the case where Caffeinated  was only available through their own website, but now it can easily be purchased and downloaded through the Mac App Store. this is a very simple process and you can't go wrong! After installation and opening Caffeinated you will be presented with a popup asking you to enter your Google Reader information (any Google Account will suffice at this stage if you don't already have a Google Reader account you would like to connect). After clicking submit, your current Google Reader subscriptions will start to show up, however in this review we will be showing you how to add new reader subscriptions so will be starting from scratch.Caffeine has a clean interface with a well laid out sidebar area

Adding A New Subscription

Virtually any website that has some sort of RSS feed or other similar services can be added to work with Google Reader and Caffeinated. Click the small setting icon towards the top right of the sidebar, and select Add Subscription (or alternatively press Command (⌘) N ). Then enter the website name, its as simple as that. Adding a new subscription with Caffeine is incredibly simpleAfter doing this, recent articles should pop into your unread feed. Every time a new article is published by any website or blog you have subscribed to, a notification will appear in the top right corner, and the number of unread articles will be displayed both in the MenuBar and in the dock.

Reading Articles

To read a specific post, simply click on the article preview in the sidebar. In this section all the articles of the selected folder are displayed, along with its publish date, title and a small text extract. Opening a post will display it in the large window ready for you to read it. Once you have read it it will be takes out of the unread folder automatically. Read in normal view, or make the window fullscreen

Adding Favourites

Read something you might want to bookmark or show a friend later, add it to your favourites folder. This can be done by selecting the star in the top right corner, or right clicking the article and selecting "Start Item". Once this is done, all of you starred/favourite articles will appear in the Starred folder displayed at the top of the sidebar. Add articles to your favourites for easy access

Making Groups

Folders can also be created to contain certain groups of sites. For example, if we want a folder for Apple news, we can add the sites we wish to include using the previous method, then create a folder by clicking on the same setting icon, and instead of selecting "Add Subscription" click on "Add Folder". The folder can then be renamed and multiple sites dragged into the folder. Create custom folders and manage websites within these groups Doing this allows the viewing of multiple sites in the same feed. This is a great feature if you have several different interests and wish to divide the topics up and read about the separately.


As well as clicking to do all the rings we have reviewed, Caffeinated allows the use of a series of shortcuts which can be seen below. Every shortcut can be set individually and changed from the default settings to better suit you and your work preferences. Preferences for Articles, Interface, Shortcuts,Themes & Plugins


After reading a post, if you are inspired enough to share it, there is a plethora of sharing options available. By clicking on the share icon and selecting the appropriate service (username and password will be required) any article can be shared simply and easily, with a custom post message with the use of the handy "Insert Link", "Shorten Link" and "Insert Title" buttons.Share content to Twitter, Facebook and loads of other social media sites


If you want to filter specific results or can't find something you were reading earlier, use the search bar to filter specific keywords and display the corresponding posts. You can see here that the post look different to before, this is using a different theme, for which there are several to choose from.Filter though articles with the search function


Caffeinated is a well designed application that lets you read, search and share articles from Google Reader simply, efficiently, and all whilst looking great. With several integrated themes, folder organisation and notifications it will surely make catching up on your favourite websites that little bit easier!