Developer: adnX SARL

Current Version: 3.9.1

Last Updated: 1 month ago

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Easy project management with Gantt charts.
A version is also available for iPad and iPhone.

You can finally create Gantt charts without scratching your head. Our product shines thanks to its ease of use and simplicity. We focus our attention on the features that the majority of project managers actually use. In addition, the generated charts are both beautiful and visually appealing. An image is always worth more than words.

Main features:

- Create beautiful Gantt charts in minutes
- Create tasks and subtasks with multiple options
- Setup milestones to record major stepping stones
- Manage and quickly assign resources
- Create smart dependencies between tasks
- Compatible with MS Project XML format
- Quickly share a project in PDF format
- Display and share reports in full view
- Sync projects with Apple iCloud Service

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Release Notes:

- Improved macOS Mojave support
- Improved macOS High Sierra support
- Dark Mode Support


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.1.2
Review by ReducedEffort

Great Aop - Great App because it is so easy to use. Very short learning curve. If you have ever used a Gantt chart you will be very happy with how quickly you can produce desired results, and communicate those results by exporting to PDF's. Highly recommend as a reduced effort way to manage projects.

Found helpful by 2 out of 6 people
Version 3.1.6
Review by DellaMe

It Doesn't Work at All - I just bought this app for $99.00 and it is so riddled with bugs--I am appalled it is in the app store. The app won't let me change the start and stop date for a process for a project. When I brought up the calendar view to try to change it from the calendar--the calendar was stuck and wouldn't move from the screen so I really couldn't do anything else with the program. I came out of it, restarted my computer, and went back in and the calendar view was still stuck. My expectation is that the app store has vetted these apps--I wouldn't plunk down $99.00 for something that may or may not work--I feel so incrediblely cheated and I've lost an evening that I needed to work on a project from a "paying client" writing letters about a buggy app. I really want my money back--but feel I have absolutely no recourse. I'm appalled. I finally got the app to work and loaded in all of the tasks for 2 projects. One project saved and the other project--after hours of work, did not save. The screen message was the file did not exist and could not save. I certainly can't trust xPlan--what a disaster. Ninety nine dollars down the drain. Oh and the customer support is non-existent. Just wanted to copy and paste the customer support I received on the system erasing entire projects and having numerous bugs--this from the developer: adnx Tue, 12th Feb 2013 8:24am Hi, what is your version of OS X ? OS X 10.7 or OS X 10.7.5 ? For the best user experience you should upgrade to OS X 10.8. This version of OS X is fixing hundred of issues of OS X 10.7 And that was it--that one line was their version of customer support. Brilliant.

Found helpful by 11 out of 12 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.9.1
Review by Escorihuela

Easy and simple to use, TOP. - I find it on 2011, since then I did used it for control small porjetcs 20 persons 100K budged, convinience, nice view, easy to share.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.9.1
Review by Flactem hsoj

happy - Such a deal, for $4.99 (10 yr anniversary price)! I just wanted a straightforward Gantt chart app to track my upcoming schedule, and that's what it is. There are plenty of other bells and whistles for people needing more sophisticated features, but I don't use them.

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