ocsmount for WebDAV

Developer: Woboq GmbH

Current Version: 2.4.10

Last Updated: 6 days ago

Download Size: 720.7 KB - Download


Faster than the native Finder WebDAV mount!
Mount your cloud storage as a local directory in Finder. Access your files without syncing.
Shows up as a network drive in Finder and in your file system (map the server as File Stream).
This software works internally as a local proxy, improving the communication between macOS and the WebDAV server for a more performant experience.

* Compatible with generic WebDAV protocol
* Compatible with ownCloud, Nextcloud
* Compatible with NAS storages (e.g. Synology, QNAP, ...) (TCP port forwarding required)
* Compatible with certain Sharepoint & Office365 setups, e-mail us for help.

Let us know if your WebDAV-speaking server software is compatible, if not we we will try to get it to work.

This is the Freemium version with optional in-app purchases. There is also a Pro version in the macOS app store.

Contact us if there are any issues instead of giving a bad review, we will try to help -> [email protected] :-)


Release Notes:

* Avoid "not responding" errors by re-ordering requests
* Big Files: Avoid intermediate uploads of incomplete file
* Smaller fixes
* Fix for uploading file/directory sizes bigger than ca. 4.2 GB
* MS Office: Fix bug with superfluous temporary directories on "Save"
* Sharepoint.com: Fill in special folder "sites/"
* Fix Finder hang for folder name starting with '@'
* Distinguish between "ocsmount.app" and "ocsmount pro.app"
* Status Window: Better position on macOS 10.15
* Fix an issue on macOS 10.15 with broken images for Preview/Quicklook
* Fix a sporadic regression in returning directory listings
* Fix an issue with Sharepoint/Onedrive path parsing
* Show path on directory errors
* Show menu item for changing mount path
Fix directory parsing for servers with broken URL encoding (e.g. WebWeaver)
* Fix NTLM Authentication (IIS Sharepoint)
* Improve performance when reading a file
* Improve performance of showing directory
* Status Window: Hide after error message was clicked away
* Status Window: Fix auto-hiding behaviour
* Finder: Fix duplicates for big directories
* Finder: Improve performance when pasting files
* Sharepoint: Fix flicker of Finder results
* Sharepoint: Delete login cache on configuration save
* Fix incompatibility when both freemium "ocsmount" and paid "ocsmount Pro" are installed from App Store
* Retry all requests up to 3 times
* Fix files get uploaded as 0 bytes first when more writes come to it
* Fix UI when unmounting from Finder instead of ocsmount
* Improve a delay on slow networks
* Improved upload/download status window
* Avoid timeout errors