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Current Version: 3.3.1

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iMathGeo is like a mathematic note book and it makes it possible to do symbolic computation, draw 2D curves or 3D surfaces, dynamic geometry representations, export your documents to other apps and produce mathematical typographical outputs for other apps.

Features of iMathGeo include:

• Export features:
- UTF8 is now supported : Chinese, Japanese support, etc ...
- Export typographical work to .pdf files
- Support for many popular file formats such as Indesign, Word, Keynote, and Pages
- Services allow you to use many iMathGeo features in other apps such as iWork and Office
- Works with Word 2011, OpenOffice 3.3 and LibreOffice 3.3
- Export to iBooks, PDF, html, mathML, and LaTeX
- And More!

• Calculus features:
- Multiple precision floating point numbers library
- Numeric and symbolic tools for discrete and continuous calculus
- Special mathematical functions library
- Formal calculations library
- Differential calculus library
- Symbolic or numeric integration tools
- Symbolic or numeric solving equations and in equations
- Substitutions with variables
- Matrices (eigen vectors search, inverse a symbolic matrix, etc…)
- Statistics (with mean, correlation, variance, etc…)
- Tools for combinatoric problems
- And more!

• Visualize and Analyze
- Tools for 2D and 3D image processing with containers
- Tools for visualizing and analyzing graphs
- Basic dynamic geometry 

- Drag and drop any curve to the Finder or other apps
- Export 2D and 3D graphics in different formats. iMathGeo can export to many common formats such as .png and .jpeg.

• Use Titles, subtitles, and text to organize your document and output them as LaTeX or epub files.
• Embed other files e.g. pdf and jpeg in the current document.

• iMathGeo Scripting support
- Create scripts using Applescript, Ruby and Python
- Scripts can export work for use in other apps
- Every aspect is scriptable!
- And More!

To learn more, here are some tutorials :


Release Notes:

One visual bug was corrected with the Tab bar window mechanism for MacOS High Sierra.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.5
Review by E.Gadd

Works well as a powerful calculator. - iMathgeo is like a waterdown verson of Maple. The syntax is a bit different but it can preform high level calculations like implicit integration. If you are looking for a relatively cheep calcuator that can handle large algebraic equations and differential equations this is a good app to get. I have had no trouble imputing expressions into the work area. It has crashed once or twice when I used improper syntax in a function (like ∬ ); but most of the time it says I made a syntax error and nothing bad happens. This is a really good app and it works just fine for me. I would hate to see it fail just because of one bad review. I have not tried any of the scripting functions so no comment there. My one compaint is that I have to press "eval" every time I input an equation to get see the answer. I would like to see the option to have the app automatically run "eval" after impution an equation.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 2.5
Review by Joshua Morten

Crashes - I just paid for this app, and I can't eve use it. When I try an add an expression to the work area, the program quits. I wan't my money back.

Found helpful by 8 out of 12 people