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Current Version: 2.4

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Before auditioning to be the next international singing idol, Simon says**: Check your pitch with eTuner!

For those with instrumental talent, eTuner has also been developed and tested to work automatically with a variety of wind, brass, and string instruments.

eTuner is an interactive chromatic tuning application for Mac OS X. This application uses the quality audio and fine display capabilities of your Mac to determine and display musical pitch information as you play an instrument, hum, or sing a note.
In addition to instrument tuning, eTuner can also be used for scale studies and checking intonation as you play an instrument or sing.

eTuner features:
Graphical note display.
eTuner displays the name of the note that is closest to pitch being detected as well as the amount of variance between the detected pitch and the displayed note, relative to the next higher or lower pitch. Also displayed is an indication of whether the pitch is High, Low, or OK, in relation to the note name being displayed.

Simple, easy to read display.
The note display has been designed for easy interpretation when appearing anywhere within the musician's field of vision. eTuner allows the musician’s focus to remain primarily on the music stand, while reinforcing interpretation of peripheral vision cues.

Chromatic Tuning with User Selectable Scale Key.
eTuner displays all twelve pitches in an octave. The key settings feature allows the user to select which note names will be displayed when pitches of the selected key are detected. Selecting a minor key will also display note names for the harmonic and melodic ascending and descending scales. Notes that are not in the selected key are displayed as what is customary in the chromatic scale.

NEW! Support for transposed instruments.
eTuner will display the "written note" for C, B-flat, E-flat, A, D, G, and F instruments. Select the transposition from the Instrument menu.

Calibration settings.
The calibration setting provides the flexibility to adjust from the standard tuning of a'=440Hz.

Frequency and Octave Display
The frequency and octave number can be optionally displayed with the note name.

Input Level Meter and Volume
eTuner displays the current input device, channel, sample rate, and sound level. A slider control adjusts the input volume for the device. This allows the user to determine if they are producing a tone loud enough for eTuner to analyze.

Audio System Preferences
Select input from any built-in microphone, or external audio device connected to your Mac.

**Unlike some critics, eTuner will will remain politely silent if tone quality is not sufficient to determine a pitch.


Release Notes:

Updated for latest version of macOS.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.2
Review by SP Gannon

Works Great with bulit in mic! - I was having problems with eTuner reading my built in mic, but after a few exchanged emails with their support team the problem was resolved very quickly. If you have Snow Leopard and your mic is giving you problems, you may need to change the sample rate in Audio MIDI Setup > Built-in Input > Format to 44.1kHz instead of 16kHz. They informed me that this bug will be fixed in the next update. eTuner is simple and effective, and a great alternative to a pocket tuner.

Found helpful by 8 out of 10 people
Version 2.1
Review by Guitar-Slinger-number 1

Its simply an intrument tunner - Its just a tunner...there are many free ones out there that are much more acurate and look better. This needs alot of volume to even work. if it was 10 cents it might be worth having and taking hard drive space. even as a guitar tunner its way over priced priced.

Found helpful by 3 out of 12 people