celtx script

Developer: Celtx Inc.

Current Version: 3.2

Last Updated: 4 months ago

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Keep your focus on creativity as your writing is seamlessly formatted to industry standards with Script - a lean, lighting quick, and professional desktop screenwriting solution.

Script syncs with your online Celtx Studio, allowing you to easily backup your work, access your writing from anywhere, and collaborate with your team.


*Industry Standard Screenplay, Stageplay, A/V, Audioplay, and Comic Book script formats.
*Professional revision mode and customizable formatting.
*Add notes and comments to your work for reference or discussion with writing partners.
*Free online backups to protect your work from loss or corruption.
*Synchronizes with your online Celtx Studio for collaborative writing.


Release Notes:

Updated support for celtx online studio features.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.0.6
Review by MolinaRJ

As Advertised - I see a lot of reviewers base their experience on ultimately not understanding the purpose behind this app, which are unwarranted. You get what you pay for, and for the price, with it’s essential features, it's a godsend compared to other screenwriting apps. However, the functionality is plagued with a bug other reviewers are commenting about with respect to app crashes. About an hour after purchasing, the app crashed and upon reopening, I couldn’t even delete a single letter without the app crashing again. A note to Celtx, Inc: please fix this. The updated design, essential screenwriting functions, and price are perfect, but this bug is quickly making me reconsider the purchase. If a fix can’t come soon enough, I recommend their cloud/online platform. Otherwise, hold tight until an update is released. December 2017 UPDATE: Celtx Support has been outstanding in their response time - special shoutout to Marcel for being helpful with quick, temporary fixes for the app crashes while waiting for a full app update. As for the update, no reoccuring issues yet. ALL apps are susceptible to bugs from time-to-time, but so far this latest update has been fantastic. Thanks Celtx!

Found helpful by 9 out of 11 people
Version 2.9.3
Review by TheWhitePuma

LIterally the Exact Same thing as the Free Account - I spent $20 thinking i would get something slightly better than the free version of it online and I didn’t, just go use the free account, its the exact same thing and actually, you at least get your scene headings listed on the side in the free version…so the free version technically gives you more than the $20 app.

Found helpful by 41 out of 43 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.2
Review by JDO334663

Huge disappintment - What a major downgrade from the old version. Not only are so many useful features gone, but the app is full of bugs. Practically every other time I write a new line, something will happen where dialogue and actions from a different part of the script will get mashed together on the screen with what I'm currently editing, making it impossible to read or write. So every few lines I now have to save, close the script, and reopen it if I want to get any real writing done. Back to the drawing board on this one

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 3.2
Review by Ryrubes

Horrendous. - If ZERO STARS was an option, I'd request lower. Perfect example of "if it's not broken, don't fix it." And that's what happened. They tried to get cute and do the cloud thing; and now the computer app is as bad as it gets. They probably wanted to force us to use the cloud based program to protect against piracy like everything else made now but hey, some of us don't feel the need to"cloud" everything. This is on purpose. They don't want the desktop app to being functional. They want to drive people to their website. But, writers...they don't want to have to "sign in" to write. They want to NOT need to internet when they are in the zone. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

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Version 3.2
Review by AramisMerlin

It used to be good. - I used to like it. Years ago. It was free and worked. Now it costs 20$, doesn't work and has way less features. I this even the original company? Seems like a scam.

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Version 3.2
Review by MrImaginator

Update now!!!! - Ripoff using a proprietary file type, forcing us to download this garbage app in order to access our scripts. It's altered the page count, and the interface is far less intuitive than the verison made 10 years ago.

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Version 3.2
Review by Sergey_prod

outdated - the app is extremely outdated and so not up to online studio (neither UI, nor functionality). it's so frustrating

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