bigtincan hub Sync Agent

Developer: bigtincan mobile

Current Version: 4.1

Last Updated: 5 years ago

Download Size: 1.4 MB - Download


Introducing bigtincan hub sync agent, a simple yet powerful application that lets you quickly and easily upload content from your Mac to bigtincan hub, and keep it in Sync.

With bigtincan hub sync agent, uploading large desktop files is easy. You can:

· Upload a variety of files from your Mac desktop straight to bigtincan hub, including;
- documents
- presentations
- images
- PDFs
- Many more
· Use drag and drop to upload files
· Archive content from your Mac
· Edit and sync changes
· Prepare new content and publish later with the new Save as draft feature
· Add events
· Enable Password Protect
· Enable social sharing


Release Notes:

- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.0
Review by chatswood-dave

sync content from mac to hub - this does what is says- syncs content from your Mac to bigtincan hub running on your iOS device…its pretty easy to use, and looks good in this version

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Version 4.1
Review by WFKaskie NJ

The Concept is Great, but It Completely Fails to Deliver - I had a lot of problems with the older version so I waited patiently for my IT staff to update my desktop to 10.10.x so that I could try the new one. It has the exact same problems. 1. Missing options like QuickFile 2. Channel dropdown does not always populate. 3. Though notifications and annotations are unchecked, the tool does not set this correctly. Thanks to this, I unknowlingly had executives annoyed by 30 notifications of a TEST file! 4. Does not work at all, most of the time. Every once in a while, the tool will actually sync with the server as it should. But I estimate that it only works about 5-10% of the time throwing unknown errors the rest of the time. 5. It’s not “visible”. This isn’t a horrible thing, but given the fact that it has so many problems, it extremelly bothersome that the app doesn’t show up in the Force Quit or cmd+tab menus. And that is just the top list of the issues I think would concern others.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.1
Review by WhoShotDave

works great for content publishing - im using it to publish content into the Hub and works fine here - very helpful in getting big files uploaded. Works native on my MacBook Air - no issues here

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Version 4.1
Review by gopats198

good for publishing - good for uploading and syncing - what i like is that you dont have to use a specific folder to sync from - you can sync from what seems like anywhere wihthin the file system on the Mac - but you do need to have this system as a corporaet standard for this to be useful - make sure you are not just downloading to try wihtout a corporate account

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