X-Calc ( Commercial Calculator for Business )

Developer: Alessandro Busso

Current Version: 1.00

Last Updated: 7 years ago

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X-Calc is a fantastic calculator designed for calculations of your accounting business.

X-Calc show the last 20 calculations thanks to virtual sales slip.

Technical Characteristics:

* Ability to set decimal numbers;
* Ability to set the percentage of Vat;
* Separation and Incorporate automatic VAT;
* 2 Memoirs to sum and subtraction;
* Separate Totals for multiplication and summation;

X-Calc is a calculator for your business.
X-Calc è una fantastica calcolatrice studiata per i calcoli contabili della vostra attività commerciale.

X-Calc visualizza gli ultimi 20 calcoli grazie allo scontrino virtuale di cui è dotata.

Caratteristiche Tecniche:

* Possibilità di impostare i numeri decimali;
* Possibilità di impostare la percentuale di Iva;
* Scorporo e Incorporo automatico dell'Iva;
* 2 Memorie per somma e sottrazione;
* Totali separati per moltiplicazione e sommatoria;

X-Calc è una semplice e fantastica calcolatrice commerciale per il business.
X-Calc est une calculatrice fantastique conçue pour le calcul de votre entreprise de comptabilité.

X-Calc afficher les 20 derniers calculs grâce à la facture d'achat virtuel.

Caractéristiques techniques :

Possibilité de définir des nombres décimaux ;
Possibilité de définir le pourcentage de la TVA ;
* Séparation et incluent la TVA automatique ;
* 2 Mémoires à somme et soustraction ;
* Séparer les totaux pour la multiplication et l'addition ;

X-Calc est une calculatrice pour votre entreprise.
X-Calc ist ein fantastisches Taschenrechner für Berechnungen Ihres Unternehmens Kontoführung entwickelt.

X-Calc zeigen die zuletzt 20 Berechnungen dank virtuellen Kassenzettel.

Technische Eigenschaften:

* Fähigkeit, Dezimalzahlen festgelegt;
* Fähigkeit, legen Sie den Prozentsatz der Mehrwertsteuer;
* Trennung und integrieren automatische MwSt;
* 2 Memoiren Summe und Subtraktion;
* Getrennte Summen für Multiplikation und Addition;

X-Calc ist ein Rechner für Ihr Unternehmen.
X Calc 是为您的会计业务计算设计一个神奇计算器。

X Calc 显示由于虚拟的销售发票的最后 20 计算。


* 能够设置十进制数字 ;
* 设置的增值税 ; 百分比的能力
* 分离和纳入自动增值税 ;
* 2 回忆录笔和减法 ;
* 分别总计为乘法和总结 ;

X Calc 是一个计算器为您的业务。


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.00
Review by Use browser instead

Just what I needed. No Frills solid calculator with % - I admit I just downloaded this app, but as of noe it is the exact caculator I was looking for. Just like the caculators I used 40 years ago, simple business without all of the scientific extras. This will not work for all but for me it is 5 star.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Version 1.00
Review by MadiBad

No resize??? - can't use it on a MBP 13". It falls of the bottom of the screen, and can't be resized……..like a windows app…..

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.00
Review by arkmediaLC

For the Price, it is ok but…(………) - It has one frustrating eccentricity: the period on the keyboard does not work -- one has to enter the "comma" for it to enter a decimal point. Everything else seems very logical, why the comma? I know the European mode is to use the comma for decimals and period for thousands, millions, etc. One should have the option to use the period for decimals.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.00
Review by Tomsdiner

Love the layout, need to fix decimal to work though. - I love the layout and I can see usingthis all the time but it needs the decimal to work, hitting the comma is not productive with a numeric keypad. Please made this change.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 1.00
Review by Janet Lynn2

So Close - This app is so close to being something that I can use. I can get past the obnoxious instructions on the side - and I can even get past the fact that you can’t resize it - but the . key on the number pad not working is just something that makes this app totally worthless. I either have to use both hands to type in numbers with a decimal, or move my hand from the number pad over and try and hit the comma to go back and enter the other 2 digits. It just doesn’t seem like that would be that difficult to fix. I wish you could fix it. There is a real need for an actual adding machine app. :(

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.00
Review by 2mayboys

Does NOT fit on my MacBook Air screen!!! - It was exactly what I needed as I was adding numbers up for work…….Until I needed a 0 and it was cut off on my MacBook Air. Kinda silly that this can't be adjusted to fit properly on all devices. Would love if the tape printed. I had to delete the app since I couldn't get to the bottom. Let me know when changes have been made.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Version 1.00
Review by SpokaneBecky

Useless - You can’t resize the screen at all, so it is partially off the bottom of the screen even on the 15in MacBook Pro. There’s no need for a calculator to take up 2/3 of the screen and be longer than the height of the screen!

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people