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Developer: Audama Software, Inc.

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 7 years ago

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Quickly solve anagram, word scramble/jumble or crossword puzzles! This utility can be used with games such as Sċrabble or Words with Friends. Simply select the type of puzzle you need assistance with (anagram/word scramble, or crossword) from the app preferences and the app will process the input letters accordingly.

Select any of the following word list data sources for finding matches:
--American English (~100,000 words) (Standard & Proper Names)
--British English (~100,000 words) (Standard & Proper Names)
--TWL (~175,000 words) (USA/Canada Sċrabble tournament word list)
--ENABLE (~175,000 words) (The Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon)
--SOWPODS (~275,000 words) (British/Australian Sċrabble tournament word list)
--ODS (~375,000 words) (French Sċrabble tournament word list)

Sort the results based on any of the following criteria: (You can display as many as five separate result columns and assign each their own sort parameter.)
--Match Percentage
--Word Score
--Word Score (2-letter words only)
--Word Score (3-letter words only)
--Word Score (4-letter words only)
--Match Percentage, then Word Score
--Word Score, then Match Percentage
--Alphabetical (Ascending/Descending)
--Word Length (Ascending/Descending)
--Word Count (Ascending/Descending)

When sorting by word score, the following scoring rules can be used:
--Sċrabble (English)
--Words With Friends (English)
--Sċrabble (French)

Select a word result to look up the definition on an online dictionary site. The following sites can be used:
--Wiktionary (English)
--Wiktionary (French)

You can enter multiple words at a time. You can also specify whether multiple words can be found within each individual word input. Use a question mark (?) character as a wildcard or blank tile in anagram mode. Use a question mark (?) character to represent unknown letters in crossword mode.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0
Review by Rodrigaj

Complete control over output - I have changed my review pending a very important addition to this app: the ability to use the words, export them, cut and paste them, etc. This app offers no method to do that and there in lies its change from a five star review to a three star review. I have contacted the developers and they said not possible now, but possibly in the future. We'll see. Until then 3 stars. This is a very nice application for anagram use. Of course it can be used for scrabble and words with friends and crossword puzzles. I happen to be using it for calligraphy practice. In calligraphy you learn how letter patterns keep repeating. Therefore, in order to learn a hand (i.e. italic) you can practice letter groups that repeat similar strokes. For example, hnmrbkpuylt, can be input and based on your settings, will output an array of real words taken from the dictionary of your choosing. Should you come across a word that is unfamiliar to you simply click on the arrow next to the word and you are directed to the online dictionary page of your choice. You can build your vocabulary while you practice calligraphy. How cool is that! You can make it simple, by having word that reuse the same letters in different sequences, or you can reduce the repitions by not allowing for repetitions. You can reduce the number of words by increasing letter count or by % letter count. I did not find any limititations to this program, the various combinations are endless and the look up feature is a real plus. You can even eliminate proper names if so desired or include them. This program is not a game. So don't expect a fancy, colorful interface. It is utilitarian in form and function. Highly recommended for all scrabble players and anyone wishing to unscramble and make sense out of the basic letters or groups of letters in the alphabet.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people