WinZip - Zip, unzip, protect

Developer: WinZip Computing LLC

Current Version: 8.0.5151

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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Experience the power of WinZip®–on your Mac! Access key features more easily, zip and protect with confidence, and seamlessly connect to cloud services with WinZip Mac 8.

• Zip and unzip files instantly with WinZip’s trusted compression
• Boost your workflow with additional file Add methods(Update, Freshen, Move)
• Work faster with improved Zipx Compression
• Protect files with strong AES encryption
• Share directly to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and ZipShare, from within WinZip
• Successfully email large files and minimize storage needs

Main Features:

• Zip and unzip files instantly using simple, drag-and-drop tools
• Reduce file size for faster sharing and smaller storage
• Open major compressed file formats (Zip, Zipx, RAR, LHA, 7Z, JAR, WAR)
• Resize images any time you create an zip, and get two new resize options

• Password-protect confidential files and apply powerful AES encryption
• Re-use your password when additional encrypted files are added to a Zip
• Prevent unauthorized access of email attachments
• Encrypt individual files within a zipped folder
• Easily view and double-check your password with new Show Password

Package and Share
• Zip and encrypt Mac files to create smaller, safer email attachments
• Organize and compress files into small, logical groups that are ideal for sharing
• Zip files and folders for faster uploading/downloading times
• Easily share to Facebook, Twitter and other apps

Connect to your Clouds
• Connect to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and ZipShare right from WinZip
• Easily zip and upload large files, or open zip files saved in the cloud
• Use Cloud Links to upload a file to your cloud service and quickly send a link to it via email
• Automatically get a link to paste into Skype or other apps when you upload your zip file to a cloud service
• Maximize cloud storage space by compressing files


Release Notes:

NEW! Work faster with improved Zipx Compression.
Experience better compression with the ZSTD method. Compress and decompress files faster, all while achieving better rates than alternatives like DEFLATE and DEFLATE64.

NEW! Get support when you need it for Mac OS Catalina.
WinZip is now updated to operate on Mac OS 10.15. You can count on our support team to solve issues quickly so you can get back to projects faster.

NEW! Customize your WinZip experience with dark mode.
It’s not just a trend— dark mode can prolong the battery on your device and reduce eye strain. WinZip now supports this theme for improved user experience. 

NEW! Boost your workflow with additional file add methods.
In addition to traditional options, you can now choose to:
Freshen — replace only files already in the Zip file with newer files. 
Move — delete files/folders after they are added to the Zip file. 
Update — replace updated files AND add files not already in Zip file.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.0.2604
Review by Fahrenhe1t

It Works - WinZip has been around since 1991 and is a staple of modern computing. I purchased this for better zip management and zip encryption. As others have mentioned, encryption isn’t readily apparent, yet the support exists. Open WinZip, and create a new zip file. Click the "Add" button on the tool bar to add files to the archive. From the Finder window that pops up, click the "Encrypt" checkbox at the bottom, then enter in a strong archive password twice. Click the "Zip" button, and you’ve got your encrypted archive. I would recommend going to the WinZip menu > Preferences, and changing the Encryption Method to "AES-256bit," which can only be extracted by WinZip (Encryption Method "Zip 2.0" provides password protection and compatibility for other OS's). I agree with others, there should be an "Encrypt" button on the toolbar. Beyond that, the program works as designed.

Found helpful by 11 out of 12 people
Version 2.0
Review by Azure07

Worst App. - I don’t normally write reviews. But this application is so bad that I felt compelled to write one for this. It has never worked ever since I bought it (around 6-7 months back). Even though Mac provides a default utility to extract the zip contents, I wanted to be able to look at the contents of the zip file before extracting which is why I bought this application. The application opens the zip file and I could look at the contents, but when I try to extract the content, it throws an error MOST of the time. And I end up using the default application that Mac provides. I would not recommend this application to anybody.

Found helpful by 32 out of 37 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 8.0.5151
Review by Steve03311

Works well with one exception - I've used WinZip in several versions back to v2.0. I like the option to extract a file or folder from a zip archive. With the default Mac Archive Untility, you have to unzip the entire zip file. I did some testing on this version: OSX Mojave 10.14 WinZip 8.0.5151 1. Compression testing: Original file size 7.55GB Apple Archive Utility 4.68GB WinZip (ZIP 2.0) 4.58GB (4.3 reported by WinZip) -can open with Mac Archive Utility WinZip (ZIPx) 4.58GB (4.3 reported by WinZip) -can open with Mac Archive Utility 2. Can unzip a subfolder from within the zip file rather than the whole folder 3. Can create and then open an encrypted zip file. 4. You cannot open a zip file compressed by the default Mac Archive Utility. You get a fatal error. This is a change from past verions I think. There is nothing I could find on the Winzip support site. 5.Support email submitted Tuesday Aug 4, no response by Sunday Aug, 9. Inquired about fatal error and use on more than one machine. So, I'll keep and use it but I wish they would at least acknowledge the fatal error issue.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people