Webcam Settings

Developer: Mactaris

Current Version: 3.0

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Quickly customize your webcam's settings while using FaceTime, Photo Booth or Skype on your Mac.

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Webcam Settings allows you to adjust settings including the exposure time, contrast, saturation, and white balance temperature for your webcam, whether it’s a Built-in iSight, a more recent FaceTime/FaceTime HD Camera or an external USB webcam.

• True hardware level control of your webcam.
• View changes in Real-time to your video as you move sliders and change other settings.
• Fully plug-and-play; Webcam Settings, automatically recognizes your USB webcam when it’s connected to your Mac.
• Automatically identifies various settings that your webcam supports.
• Feel free to try any different settings as “Reset to Default” button brings back original settings from your camera.
• Works with almost every video or photo app such as Photo Booth, FaceTime, iMovie, Skype, iStopMotion, Wirecast, Sparkbooth, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Jabber, Flash based webcam app and many others.

Supported Settings (varies between cameras)
• Auto-Exposure Mode
• Exposure Time
• Gain
• Aperture
• Brightness
• Contrast
• Hue
• Saturation
• Sharpness
• Gamma
• White Balance Temperature
• Power Line Frequency (anti-flicker)
• Backlight Composition

Advanced Settings (Only Microsoft LifeCam Studio, Cinema, Logitech HD Webcam C525, C615, C910 and C920 support Zoom, Pan and Tilt, please check our website for camera support.)
• Focus
• Zoom
• Pan
• Tilt

* Webcam Settings support UVC (USB Video Class) webcam only; FireWire camera such as external iSight is not supported.
* Your USB webcam must be working on your Mac properly (function normally with FaceTime, iChat/Messages, and Skype) before it can be used with Webcam Settings.


Release Notes:

• Add support for macOS Catalina (10.15).
• Add support for Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam.
• Add support for Logitech BRIO Webcam.
• Remember last used webcam when app launched.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.3
Review by Grant196

Great for a Photo booth if you are using a WebCam - If you have a Macintosh Computer you already have the program Photo Booth and for a very small investment you can set up a very nice Photo Booth, this program Webcam Settings supplies everything you need to have basic controls of your WebCam. Forget about printing the pictures, Apple’s program Photo Booth makes it very easy to apply effects and email the photo you have just taken, in my opinion much nicer then printing some little strip of pictures. Everyone has a smart phone now days and they can forward it to anyone they want to. Well worth the small price that they charge. Anyone can be taught to use it in about 15 minutes. This would be a really nice add-on service for any videographer, photographer, or anyone just wanting to set up what has become a very popular Service for any special event.. And the nice thing you can email the pictures allowing you to charge a much lower fee then people who print the pictures.

Found helpful by 14 out of 16 people
Version 2.3
Review by hapitka

Worthless - No zoom function, can't even control brightness. Waste of money. Don't buy it.

Found helpful by 10 out of 21 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.0
Review by nosillacast

Indispensible app for the Logitech c920 webcam on macOS Catalina - I use Webcam Setings every time I engage my c920. I have presets for different lighting conditions that adjust my white balance, exposure time and turn off auto focus. It appears that Apple in macOS Catalina doesn't give the app permission to work with the built-in iSight camera, but it works great with the c920 and with the webcam on my LG 5K display. I once had a temporary licensing problem for all of the apps on my Mac, and the developer of Webcam Settings was the FIRST to come to my aid with a temporary license key. I'll be in his debt forever for his prompt support.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 3.0
Review by ColoradoKen2

Worked perfectly for Me - I have a Logitech C920 HD Webcam on an external monitor attached to my MacBook Pro. Logitech had a MAC App that let you modify settings on the camera including zooming in, light settings, and pan. That App broke with OS X Catalina. This App, while not cheap, is better than what Logitech had, and works perfectly. I use Zoom video conferencing 3-5 hours per day, and the HD WebCam is too wide-angle for my office, meaning it shows all the junk on my desk, and half the frame is the wall. This app lets me crop the frame so I am larger in the picture, and less of the office shows.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 3.0
Review by kaderan

Just what I needed, but a little buggy - This app is exactly what I was looking for to finetune the video of my Logitech C920 camera, which by default was way too bright. I am now having great results using Zoom. I would give five star where it not for some bugs. For example, the manual gain settings do no seem to reliably restore when switching between a saved preset and aperture priority... If I go to apperture priortiy, then select a preset, the gain doesn't change back. I have to switch away from the preset to a different one, then back in order to actually get the Gain that I saved to the preset. Annoying, but not a deal breaker. Also, there is no obvious way to reset sliders to defaults after playing with them. Being able to option-click on a slider to reset to its zero position (a standard Mac convention) would be _very_ helpful. Make these updates, and this is a five star app in my book.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 3.0
Review by MPaulM

Doesn't Work & No Support From Developer - I bought this $7.99 app to improve my iSight camera on 2019 Macbook Pro running Catalina, and to my surprise, it doesn't work at all. Everything is grayed out. There are no options that work. I contacted the developer using the support email on their website, and I have received no response. Buyer beware. All good reviews come from 2-4 years ago. This app doesn't work with Catalina.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 3.0
Review by Teacher321

not as advertised - I would give no stars... I bought this app because it says you can control settings of the built in camera and runs on 64 bit Macbook. The settings window opens but there are no controls to use. I have emailed developer twice. No joy. Now it just sits collects dust hopeing that it will work one day. Web Cam is Just another reminder of the lost money I can't get back. I should have read all the reviews. Maybe I would have thought twice.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people