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Get help with WaterMinder®, an easy, intuitive app to track your water intake. Based on your body weight (or your personal goal), WaterMinder® will remind you to drink water to reach your daily goals. By seeing current water fill visually and in percents you will instantly know how well you are hydrated!

"A must have - I love this app!!! It reminds me to drink water all day with such a hectic schedule I forget sometimes and this is just a little reminder of how much water you're supposed to drink my skin looks better I feel better must have app!!!"

"Went beyond my expectations - Usually I download these apps and they hardly ever have long shelf life's, but this app is a keeper. The reminder really helps and motivates me to drink water. I also love how visual the accomplishment is. Definitely worth looking into and happily satisfied."

"PERFECT - I absolutely love this app!!!! It really helps if you have kidney problems. I was having bad kidney pains because I wasn't sure how much water to drink in a day so I was only getting about 1/2 if what I was supposed to be getting until now. To the creators., THANK YOU"

"Amazing App! - This is an amazing app. I'm someone who has trouble remembering to drink fluids during the day, I'm more of a snacker. But I found this really helpful since I'm generally dehydrated. I like that it has reminders & how you can see your progress."

"Awesome -Great for the breast feeding mom."

"Great app - Clean and simple!"

"Love this - Super simple and easy to use, FANTASTIC way to keep up with your hydration, which is oh so important. Plus cool facts to keep you informed and further motivated. Thanks guys!!!"

Keeping track of your daily water intake needs and making sure your body is well hydrated is not an easy task in todays busy world. Let WaterMinder® help you!

◆◆◆ Main Features ◆◆◆
● Clean visual view of your current water fill (hydration)
● Simple, quick and easy to use interface
● Pre-defined cups for quick tracking
● Create custom cups (size, icon, color, drink type)
● Create custom reminders
● History and Graph, see your progress
● US oz, UK oz, L and ML units
● Sync water data across all of your devices

Stay healthy, and drink more water - hydrate yourself!

NOTE: WaterMinder is not a medical app. Suggested water intake goal is just an estimate based on your weight. Please consult your health provider if you want to use it for medical purposes or to obtain specific hydration needs.


Release Notes:

• Fixed issue of rating prompt
Thank you for staying hydrated with us!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by suzeeQ123

Not a Water drinker - I have never liked to drink water and thirst does not bother me. That was in the past ...thanks to this app it not only reminds me but now that I am drinking more, I want MORE! I have suffered from dyhration for a long time to the point it was threatening my health seriously. This change in my water consumption has had a positive impace on my daily life in that I feel better mentally and seem to be sleeping longer. I love this app and how it appears ever so often on my computer screen. Very good!

Found helpful by 17 out of 18 people
Version 1.2
Review by Room_Service

CPU Guzzler - I truly don't understand the logic behind some of Apple's "featured app's of the day." I sipped the perverbial kool-aid and turns this supposedly wonderful app ate 55% of my 1 week old 2018 i9 32gb 1tb MacBook Pro. How do apps like these get featured in all these seemingly respectable blogs and news sites it sources so proudly? Right before I whiped my drive clean of this irresponsibly developed app I ran a quick test - somehow this reminder app still ate more CPU than when I simultanously exported a 4:00min 24bt .WAV Ableton track, while rendering a 8gb isometric object at 300ppi in Photoshop and messing with some RED uncompressed raw in Premier. You dont need to be a tech wiz to understand the absurdity of 3 professional creative programs all collectivly taking up less CPU than a little vector image of a guy who turns blue. I'd say I want my money back, but I'm too embarassed for you guys to reach out via email. Sloppy.

Found helpful by 6 out of 8 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.4.4
Review by Starbd4me

Game changer! - Love this app... I've been struggling to increase my water consumption for literally decades... I keep failing... HOWEVER, I was lucky enough to trip over this app and now I'm on my way to hydration. It's cool cuz it kinda makes drinking water into a game. Very compelling.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.4.4
Review by RbBtSn0w

iOS version so much expensive - Can you drop price on iOS version or redeem code?

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.4.4
Review by clhennin

Great! Seamless sync between devices and I feel the motivation! - I LOVE this app, one of the few that let you do the same things on your phone and on the Macbook Air. I love how seamless they sync with eachother, and I am drinking so much more water! For sure recommend.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.4.4
Review by the-simplicated

Useful but Poorly Designed - I really want to like this app because it's been very helpful in keeping me hydrated throughout the day. I tend to get caught up in other things and forget to drink water. Unfortunately all of this is undermined by a design that's mediocre at best. It ignores many macOS design idioms and, as a result, is quite frustrating to use. Just a few examples off the top of my head: 1. The main screen has a hamburger button that *adds an entry*. First of all, since when did the hamburger icon mean adding an entry? Second, the history screen does have a plus button for the same purpose! 2. The add entry screen looks really bad. The animation is too slow, and I have to wait a long time before I can enter the amount. The buttons are nonstandard as well. Cmd Enter does not work. 3. I'm not sure using a red down arrow on the main screen is the best choice. Just say "x oz until you reach your goal." The red down arrow seems to say I've had less water compared to yesterday, but this is not the case. 4. Why does the scrollbar behave so differently on the Reminders preference panel? 5. No way to use this without the app forever stuck in the menubar. I have a 13-inch computer and that space is at a premium, and I don't need the app to be running at all time.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.4.4
Review by IrateCustomer96

It's Okay - I've been using WaterMinder on my iPhone for over a year. I was happy to see that there is also a macOS version of the app, which syncs my data. However, I don't understand why it's an additional purchase. All versions of the app should be included the initial purchase price. I also HATE that you are limited to 6 cups (preset drinks you can add to your daily log in one click). I understand that if you add too many the screen could possibly get cluttered. However, I would like to have more than 6. The icons could be smaller on the iPhone or the macOS version of the app to fit more cups. The 6 cups don't fit on the watch app anyways, and require you to scroll with the crown. So, it's not like the developer doesn't know how to code the functionality.

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