Developer: Joseph Slomowitz

Current Version: 2.62.1

Last Updated: 3 days ago

Download Size: 9.4 MB - Download


WabiTime is a timer app offering 3 modes to help maximise your productivity and achieve your goals.

+ Timer

Enter your duration with the keyboard for using the countdown timer. The time you enter in the keyboard will be formatted as "hours, minutes, seconds" e.g. "2530" will be 25 minutes and 30 seconds.

+ WabiNodes (New feature)

Try "WabiNodes" mode for regulating your work and rest intervals. You'll progress through your nodes as you complete their respective work and rest cycles.

+ Stopwatch

This functions as a basic count up timer. Simple and easy.

+ Additional Features

The timer will appear in the menu bar of your screen, so you can easily work on other things while keeping an eye on your progress.


Release Notes:

bug fixes