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***** "A really nice tutor for beginners"
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Download Tutor for Bento and learn how to use Bento personal database and organizer, the easiest and most fun database for the Mac available! This app includes 29 videos on how to get the most out of Filemaker's Bento database. Over 2 hours of training! Learn how to import your data from Microsoft Excel or Numbers. Create fields including file lists, releated fields, and calculated fields. Create new layouts specific to your task. Save searches into collections including smart collections.

All videos are stored on your Mac.

Find out:
- How to save your searches.
- How to create calculated fields including adding words together.
- How related fields works. Enter your data once to use in multiples libraries.
- How to change the layout to suit what you are doing or viewing.
- How to import from Excel or Numbers.
- How to share your data with other Bento users.
- How to secure your data including the library and individual fields.
- How to add lists and checkboxes to your library.
- How to add media and mask the media.
- And more!

Videos include:
- Introduction
- Bento Terminology
- Interface
- Viewing your Data
- Libraries (Lists)
- Introduction to Forms
- Editing Forms
- Searches and Collections
- Adding Fields
- Field Types
- Media Field Type
- Simple List Field Type
- Message List Field Type
- Related Fields
- Calculated Fields
- Location Field Type
- Working with Maps
- Printing Options
- Printing Labels
- Exporting your Data
- Importing Data
- Template Exchange
- Sharing Libraries
- Syncing with your iPad and iPhone
- Security Options
- What's New in Bento 4
- Sample Event Solution
- Conclusion

We have been doing online video tutorials for over 5 years. Check out what people are saying about our other video tutorials:

- "Few people can make useful tutorials. This person is one of the rare trainers who will keep your attention. The author breaks down iPhoto 11 into sensible chapters (videos) and presents them in plain English at a speed which is comfortable to manage. He knows his material!"

- "A very user friendly & intuitive app"

- "Having this app is like having a virtual instructor. All the fundamental are covered."

Get the most out of Bento with this Video Tutorial!


Release Notes:

- Changed name to Tutor for Bento from Tutor for Bento 4.
- Fixed black screen some users have experienced.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by Silverfoxidm

BTA is marvelous it makes BENTO an out of the box solution the 1st hour! - Most Database Management (DBMS) requires you to know FIELD parameters and then have to use Boolean Algebra notation to manipulate the dataBASE. None of that is required as I learned through the Bento Tutorial App (BTA). I learned how my resident app(s) in OSX: address book, ical, & iphotos come as default linked into Bento & also HOW TO unLINK them if I don't want them there, at all, w/ just a click of the mouse. Talk about magical and revolutionary! I also learned how I can later re-LINK them with a mouse click should I want to include already established mainstream applications in OSx if I change my mind w/o any disturbance to what I created separately; that is, refine THE OLD DBASE(s) then bring it back on-line later. All the time is spent with decisions on the kinds of data into the database, that I desire, & not the construction of The dataBASE Management System itself. I learned you don't even have to know the terms hierarchal or relational and can still do about anything you can imagine as shown by the Bento Tutorial App (BTA) from NOTEboom. With a lot of dbases you can't even look at a summation or your DATA until you run it through a report generator engine. I learned via BTA a MULTI-FACETED way to view RECORDS according to whatever aesthetic appeal I may desire to peruse, on the fly, w/ any of my dataBASES (libraries) nicely LISTED on the far left column. I learned in this Bento Tutorial App (BTA) how it wasn't necessary, at all, to use multi-Boolean operational symbols to SEARCH my various dataBASES; also, no need to set up delimiter EXPORT/IMPORT conventions to move the data out of the database Structure of the Bento3; again, just simply click the mouse button as learned in the BTA. In iFOTO we don't have the metaDATA that is included on our photos as in the Aperture app; yet, I was shown how that is all provided with Bento integration w/ iFOTO. I was also shown HOW to figure out ideas to create a database for any PROJECT I may have in mind. i learned how to easily bring in an already completed TEMPLATE and go from the i.e. car maintenance template to home inventory template (already created) or I can easily modify and customize the templates and use them as starter points to build on my finished dataBASE design; whatever, I could imagine and also have MEDIA attached to illustrate the contents of the database. I was shown how to customize my own ICONS per dataBASE w/o having to buy a clip art app package to do it with. When I am watching the BTA I like the fact the BTA author colorizes his APPLE DESKTOP menu bar so I can differentiate what he is showing me on his desktop that contrasts from the std. grey OSX menu bar on my desktop. Another cool feature was when the BTA taught me about the TEMPLATE EXCHANGE and how to facilitate that creative aspect as an excellent source to draw from that kind of repository as part of BENTO3 in all TYPES OF CATEGORIES you could possibly imagine for whatever DBASE IDEA you might conceive of and yet all CUSTOMIZABLE for you to flourish and enrich anyway you can make enhancements via BENTO3! I learned that there are templates that do come with FileMaker (Bento3 menu) if you don't want to go to BENTO TEMPLATE XCHNGE (off the HELP MENU). BTA instructed me how to LAYOUT my FIELDs and HOW TO look ahead so that I don't hamstring myself when going to try and put in the data and then not have it SEARCH properly in the most efficient way to access the data in the manner I want to see it later. BTA taught me how to LAYOUT the FIELDS w/o having to use border ruler measurement devices which are never easy if any of you have tried to do that with word processors none of that was necessary as I learned from the BTA. The author and modulator in the BTA shows you nicely HOW your LAYOUT with your various FIELDS snaps nicely to THE GRID. When to use different FORMS to see different ways of DETAIL with the DATA or ITEMS you should to make a part of your layout to illustrate your various LIBRARIES (dbases). In the BTA I was shown a very simple way to ADVANCE SEARCH and I didn't even have to know what concatenation was as far as stringing one search vs another nor UNION or INTERSECTION just a very simple turn on and off as easy as a light switch and yet make my SEARCH as compounded as I wanted to perform. Also, learned in the BTA the difference btwn a SMART COLLECTION (via an adv SEARCH) vs a COLLECTION. BTA showed me slick ways of inter-relating databases with all my LIBRARIES. Talk about pushing bits and bytes around w/ no knowledge of the binary code, whatsoever. Just click and point so simple! It makes anything you can imagine to do for RETRIEVAL purposes for your OUTPUT, instantaneous! Any integration you want to RELATE with DATA or MEDIA you can perform on your computer. You watch this BTA and you realize pretty quick a ? HOW did I exist with much efficiency not having these insights? However, if you just p/u a box of Bento3 w/o the Bento Tutorial App (BTA) your left with an enigma; however, with the BTA the GESTALT-effect quickly occurs--seeing the work-flow almost on the fly as you match your imagination with the easily facilitated BENTO 3 as guided in a very uncomplicated and extremely organized manner with BTA. Calculated fields are tremendous as I was shown in BTA if you can write 1 + 1 = 2 you can do this no stastical symbols are required 'no Exel effect,' in other words! If you can see lightning and hear thunder whatever you can imagine is possible with the CALCULATION of your DATA. I have 8 other paragraphs I had prepared to include in my review of BTA (Bento Tutor App) re: LIST and MEDIA Field; also, import/xport,sharing, & security.

Found helpful by 9 out of 11 people
Version 2.4
Review by Vic Norman

Nice try but too fast and too technical. - Guy should have spent more time on the basics and not gotten into the nuances. Also, he does everything so quickly you'd like to slow him down to normal speed. Also, I don't think he mentions Bento 4 and you can still see the ical and ievents icons on the sidebar, something no longer available in Bento 4 as far as this novice knows. Anyway, figuring that out took awhile and in the section what's new in Bento 4--only a minute or so, the tutor talks about some great new label feature, but negleces to say what's missing! LIke ical sync etc. We deserve better

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.4
Review by Linmukai

Good Introduction to Bento 4 - I just finished watching all of the video tutorials this app offers and found them a helpful introduction to Bento 4 which I purchased recently. I was already familiar with basic database management concepts but still found it useful to see Bento demonstrated via the tutorials. The instructor takes a complex subject and breaks it down into easy to digest short videos covering all the basic concepts you need to understand and how to apply them using Bento to create your own databases as well as use other’s pre-made templates from the Bento site which is very nicely integrated right into the app (Bento 4). I noted one review was critical that this does not cover Bento 4 but it actually does as it goes along and differences in the latest version apply. The brief summary of differences at the end is just that - a brief summary. They are discussed in more detail in context during the other videos as needed. If you are entirely brand new to the world of creating and using a database then I could see how you might need to watch some of the videos more than once just to take all the new terminology and concepts in but honestly, it isn’t that complicated in Bento 4. The product is designed to be friendly and is aimed at entry level database users and their needs. So if it seems a little overwhelming at first, don’t let that throw you off. Take a little break and watch the material again. Remember too that the real learning is going to start taking place once you dive in yourself and begin creating your own first database and modifying it to your liking, etc. Personally, I’d highly recommend this to both new users and to anyone who already knows something about database management but wants to review how things are done in Bento 4. And yes, some portions of the video are clearly recycled from some time ago as you do see iCal as among the libraries listed but that is just because there wasn’t any change that required that part of the tutorial video to be redone. It is not out of date, honest! I don’t work for these guys either. I’m just saying don’t let that throw you off. It’s fine. This is well worth the inexpensive cost to help you get up and running a little faster and with a better understanding of how to begin.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 2.4
Review by Lodi CA

Very helpful - I needed to find a new database program to replace Apple Works 6, and Bento seemed to fit the bill nicely. I tried Bento on my own with great frustration, then resorted to Tutor for Bento 4. I just finished the tutorial, and it seems to make a lot of sense and has more useful features than I had before. Now, I need to spend some time to make the conversion, but the future looks bright. I look forward to downloading a grade book template for school as well as a cleaner presentation for an annual event that I coordinate.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people