True Backgammon HD

Developer: CompuLab, Markus Gömmel

Current Version: 4.37

Last Updated: 6 months ago

Download Size: 34.6 MB - Download


One of the most successful Backgammon games on the iPad/iPhone, one of the most powerful computer opponents worldwide. Now available on macOS.


* Play against computer or humans. Choose from three difficulty levels. Play on a cool modern wood or metal board or choose from beautiful and richly ornamented optional boards. Play from left or right or play using black or white checkers. Play against friends in the same room or play against people anywhere on the internet. Your choice, your game.

* One of the best backgammon AI in the world (BGBlitz) is available as an in-app purchase as your opponent or tutor. Find out how good you already are and let BGBlitz teach you how to get better. Because, who doesn't love to win?

* Connect with friends by playing with them in 2-player mode on the same device or anywhere in the world over the network. An occasional game is a great way to stay in touch with friends or to meet new people.

* Fully supports fullscreen mode and retina displays.

* You could be playing backgammon like never before in under a minute. What are you waiting for?


No matter if it is in the middle of the night or your coffee break, your computer is always ready for a match. Choose from three difficulty levels, according to your skill. For those who only want to play against the best, there is an world class artificial intelligence opponent available as an in-app purchase (more below). Casual play or competitive match? True Backgammon has an opponent for you that is fun to play with or that is a teeth grinding challenge.

Imagine you are together with friends and you want to pass some time with a match? Or you sit on a train, playing against the computer and one of your commuters turns out to be a backgammon player too? You don't need to carry a real board with you all the time. Instead True Backgammon is your board. Play against friends and acquaintances, any time and anywhere.

You prefer to play against humans rather than an AI, but there is no prospective opponent in sight? Become part of the daily growing community of people who play True Backgammon online on an iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac or MacBook. There's always someone willing to play a match. And you don't just play with them, you can also talk to them via built-in voice chat.

We didn't just strive to make a good AI and fluid gameplay, we also made it our mission to make it look good. No, not just good... we wanted to make them look drop dead gorgeous good. We found a skilled designer and then tortured him with feedback until we were satisfied. The result are two boards (metal and wood) which look awesome, while providing little visual distraction to let you focus on your strategy. And for those who love a little distraction, we let the designer run wild with a selection of (optional) fancy boards, rich with decor and beautiful details. Which one is your favorite?

From time to time there is an olympic tournament for backgammon programs. We managed to convince the maker of the three times winner BGBlitz to make his AI available to the users of True Backgammon. This AI is a world class opponent for those who only want to match up against the best. And it is a patient mentor. BGBlitz offers a tutor mode, that will point out moves that are less than optimal, and it will show better ones.

Long story short, we put a lot of effort into this app, not just into the game play, but on every level. If you choose it, we are sure you will not be disappointed.


Release Notes:

* Possible crash after aborting a network game fixed
* macOS version no longer shows a beachball during delays
* Network gaming using voice chat no longer crash the app
* True Backgammon is now optimized for the latest macOS
* Requires macOS 10.9 Mavericks or higher to run

If you like this app and want to support further development, please rate it 5 star, or even better, write a nice review. I appreciate your support.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.11
Review by Fergus the bigdog

Very good app - I've been looking for a realistic backgammon app for quite awhile now and believe this to be the best out there. I purchased the in game app BGBlitz engine and have been playing on expert level. I began with playing matches with the tutor on to see how that worked. If the tutor believes you're making a poor move it will tell you how bad a (slight, medium, big) mistake it feels you are making and show you the presumably better move. I played a few matches following it's advice, to brush up on my game, and a few ignoring it for the most part to try testing the tutor reliability which seemed to play conservatively. The roll generator appears to be as random as if playing a live game and seems to be without any bias towards the computer. After turning off the tutor and playing on expert level I've won slightly more than half the matches. In Blitz engine mode the game is more difficult yet still seems to be unbiased on the rolls. You can also play the computer rolling your own die and telling the game your move to test the bias. The only knock is that I've been unable to connect through the network mode to any other player. I don't know if it's because of a glitch in the app or if there just aren't enough other users out there looking for a match. It would be nice if there was an in-game ability to track matches won/lost record at the different levels of play.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 4.32
Review by JRock1970

Computer has the edge - let’s see, according to the games claims, the dice rolls are all randomly generated i”ve played now 7 times. the computer has rolled twice the number of doubles I have. When needing a partiicular roll to get out of “jail” I rolled a double 6 twice and a 6 5 once and all the other spaces were open. Either I have the worst luck, or there is a skew to favor the rolls the brown/computer gets. not to mention I have rolled a 1-2 twice as many times as the computer as well. Regardless of what the developer claims, from what I have experienced, there is a skew of favoribility towards the computer when it comes to rolling the dice really wish I hadn’t”t dropped $2 for this game. not worth it

Found helpful by 4 out of 6 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.37
Review by ridgewalker20

A very good effort, but... - There are many things to like about this game. The coaching is quite good and can really benefit someone new to the game. Its also got an appealing layout and smooth play that keeps me coming back from time to time. However, True Backgammon suffers from the same problems as other backgammon games -- the AI isn't strong enough to manage game play, so the developer has too include "cheats" in order to ensure the user doesn't win every game. Some of "cheats" I have noticed are: 1. Computer goes first a disproportionate % of time 2. Computer gets a higher number of doubles, especially during the endgame 3. User doubles occur frequently when they are on the bar trying to enter and the point is covered 4. Uncovered pieces close in the outer board are almost invariable hit by the computer (the consistency is remarkable) There are some others, but these give you an idea. I think these kind of cheats are a necessary evil until someone comes up with a more robust AI engine (and this one is the best I have seen). Its just frustrating to have to adjust your game to the adaptations. Final verdict -- a great game for beginners, but probably going to leave more experienced players unsatisfied.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 4.37
Review by The Davage of Bliss

The Computer Cheats and the App Pops Sales Messages at You - I purchased this game to try and relearn backgammon. Unfortunately it is basically unplayable because even with the difficulty set at "casual" the computer gets hand-picked dice rolls every time. Literally every single time I am forced to put a checker out on it's own, the computer somehow makes the perfect roll to land on it and put my checker in the center. It happens over and over and over and over again. This is not how backgammon works in a real-life game with a human opponent. Also, the game will pop up sales messages in an effort to pressure you to purchase additional things you don't want or need, like a "leather" game board, for example. Look, I already purchased the game. Please stop hustling me.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 4.37
Review by dah0000

Annoying AI - I wish that I could play this against an actual human, because the AI is extremely annoying. Any open chip is pounced upon, and the only time I seem to get doubles is when the point is not available. I've been playing backgammon a long time, and it's no fun being able to predict exactly what the AI opponent will do. Whenever I've tried to opt to play a human on the internet, all that happens is the endlessly spinning blue circle.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 4.37
Review by KASw77

The best - Hands down the best one there is and worth the tiny amount to buy it. The developer should take a standing ovation. The key is the randomness of the dice roll. Makes it very fun and fair in terms of neither I nor the computer have an unbalanced advantage. Thank you.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 4.37
Review by thetallestmatt

Expert level surprisingly easy - A true expert-level computer opponent should be next to unbeatable in a math/probability based game like backgammon, yet I find I beat it more than it beats me even though I know I’m not that good. Double sixes are also rolled far too often- the randomness of the dice do not seem to match actual dice-rolling probabilities.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people