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Developer: Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

Current Version: 3.13

Last Updated: 1 month ago

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Get things done! The award-winning Things app helps you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress toward your goals.

Best of all, it’s easy to use. Within the hour, you’ll have everything off your mind and neatly organized—from routine tasks to your biggest life goals—and you can start focusing on what matters today.

“Things offers the best combination of design and functionality of any app we tested, with nearly all the features of other power user applications and a delightful interface that never gets in the way of your work.”
—Wirecutter, The New York Times


• Your To-Dos
Your basic building block is the almighty To-Do—each a small step toward a great accomplishment. You can add notes, tag it, schedule it, and break it down into smaller steps.

• Your Projects
Create a Project for any big goal, then add the to-dos to reach it. Use headings to structure your list as you outline your plan. There’s also a place to jot down your notes, and a deadline to keep you on schedule.

• Your Areas
Create an Area for each sphere of your life, such as Work, Family, Finance, and so on. This keeps everything neatly organized, and helps you see the big picture as you set your plans in motion.

• Your Plan
Everything on your schedule is neatly laid out in the Today and Upcoming lists, which show your to-dos and calendar events. Each morning, see what you planned for Today and decide what you want to do. The rest is down to you :)


As you dive deeper, you’ll find Things packed with helpful features. Here are just a few:

• Reminders — set a time and Things will remind you.
• Repeaters — automatically repeat to-dos on a schedule you set.
• This Evening — a special place for your evening plans.
• Calendar integration — see your events and to-dos together.
• Tags — categorize your to-dos and quickly filter lists.
• Quick Entry — create to-dos from anywhere, as soon as the thought hits you.
• Quick Find — instantly locate to-dos, headings, or tags.
• Type Travel — jump from list to list with your keyboard; just start typing!
• Mail to Things — forward an email to Things; now it’s a to-do.
• And much more!


Things is tailored to the Mac with deep system integrations as well. A great example is Quick Entry with Autofill: a shortcut that grabs content from other apps and adds it to Things for you, such as a link to a website or an email you want to get back to.

You can also enjoy a beautiful dark mode at sunset, connect your calendars, enable a Things widget, use your Mac’s Touch Bar, import from Reminders—Things can do it all! There’s even AppleScript support if you need powerful automation.


Things has full-featured apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch as well (sold separately). All your devices sync seamlessly via our free Things Cloud service. It’s great to have everything at your fingertips when you need it!


Made in Stuttgart, with two Apple Design Awards to its name, Things is a fine example of German engineering: designed, not only to look fantastic, but to be perfectly functional as well. Every detail is thoughtfully considered, then polished to perfection.

“It’s like the unicorn of productivity tools: deep enough for serious work, surprisingly easy to use, and gorgeous enough to enjoy staring at.”


Whatever it is you want to accomplish in life, Things can help you get there. Install the app today and see what you can do!

Visit our website now and get a free 15-day trial for your Mac:

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We provide professional support and will be glad to help you!


Release Notes:

Things 3.13 is all about the great new features coming to your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch: Widgets, Scribble support, new Complications, Wind Down, improved Shortcuts, and more.

What’s new for Mac:

• This release brings full sync compatibility with the iOS release. Note that you must update to Things 3.13 on *all* your devices to continue syncing.

• We’ve improved the way project and to-do notes are synced. (As a result, you can also write much longer notes.)

If you have any questions, please contact us via


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.2
Review by phatmann

A crowning achievement - I worked with David Allen at Actioneer writing To Do apps. I have developed my own To Do apps. I have used dozens of different To Do apps. I understand what makes a To Do app great. It is easy to write a run-of-the mill, database-driven To Do app. To make a great To Do app is so much harder. You have to think about every use case and decide what matters most to your customers. You need to streamline your interface until every move feels natural. You need to support all the different axes a todo can lie on while not overwhelming your customers with choices. With the release of Things 3, the developers have created a To Do app that not only serves its customers needs esquitely well, but inspires them to get all their todos into the system and get things done. It looks beautiful and has a carefully crafted feature set that covers almost any scenario you will encounter. Todos don’t live in a static list per-se, but rather inside of a dynamic system that serves to surface todos at the right moment and the right place. It might take a tad getting used to, but once you dive in you will be rewarded with a more organized life.

Found helpful by 47 out of 49 people
Version 3.11.2
Review by quarma

Loved Things 2. Can’t stand 3 - Things 2 was a near perfect ToDo app and I had used it and relied on it for years. No app gave me more joy. I reluctantly upgraded to Things 3 simply because I was forced to in order to continue syncing across devices. The redesign was completely unnecessary and is cluttered and confusing despite marketing it as cleaner than the original. Do not understand why the change was felt necessary. Frustrating that there is no control over the design. No ability to disable design aspects or change font size. The pie charts are distracting and not helpful. I used to use empty ToDos to separate items for visual clarity and to group tasks together, but now you can’t leave anything empty - it always keeps the default text “New To-Do”. Headings are only available within projects and not within the Today screen, and oddly can’t be moved. The appear at the bottom of the list and you have to move ToDos beneath them. It feels like all the text was made larger everywhere which makes everything feel more cluttered. I’ll spend some more time with it before I give up, but unhappy was forced to buy a new upgrade for all my devices and this is what I got. I have to admit for the first time I’m looking into other options for a ToDo app. One that will also sync with non OS devices, which was my only complaint for Things 2.

Found helpful by 12 out of 19 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.13
Review by AliWeston

Confusion over updates - I like this software though it’s quite expensive. I paid $50 for my Mac version, $20 for my iPad version and $10 for my iPhone version so I could sync across devices. Recently, my Mac version gave a message that I had to upgrade because another of my devices was using a more recent version. When I went to the App store, it was listed as $49.99, making it look like I had to purchase it again!! However, if you click on the price and the button turns to “Buy”, then you click on Buy and you enter your AppleID, Apple recognizes you as a current user. This was really confusing and not the app’s fault. This is an Apple issue. Apart from that and the pricing, I am very happy with the app and it helps keep me organized.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 3.13
Review by AliWeston

Upgrade forced on me - This is helpful software but pretty simple — it’s not like Word or Excel in terms of code. I paid $50 last year for my Mac version, $20 for my iPad version and $10 for my iPhone version to sync across devices. Quite a high investment for simple software. Today, I got a message saying that one of my other devices has updated and my Mac version won’t sync unless I pay $50 for the update. Really! I was OK paying the first time around but if it’s going to act like a subscription it is way too much money (even if it is helpful software). I am feeling as though I’ve been taken for a ride. Very disappointed.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 3.13
Review by TijerasGirl

Used to Like it, now I LOVE it! - This solid little program was always one of my favorites, but with the new 3.0 version - I can't live without it. Wish I had an iPhone so I could take it with me everywhere. Please consider adding something for us Android people - just quick add & a view of Today's list would be awesome.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.13
Review by Neil In The Valley

On the whole, the best I have tried yet - Likes: Multiple heirachy of Areas, Projects, Headings, Tasks and check-lists (badly described in the marketing materials before I purchased). Reminders vs Deadlines. The ease of use is great and well executed, searching, tags work well (found one minor sync bug on tags), grouping, manual reordering etc Could do better: I'd like. % completeion or at least a 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%. I had to do this with but not ideal. Checklists progress is. not relflected in the owning action as a % completion. At least a gross visual indicator would be welcome. Finally some customization option such as wether to display dated tasks above or below the non-dated tasks. On the whole...I like it a lot and the iPhone and iPad versions work just as well and just as intuitive. Expensive but it's a one off cost which I actually like.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.13
Review by Clan Grant

Power and simplicity at its best! - About nine months ago, I started looked for a new todo-tracking application to replace the one I had been using for around 10 years. Out of the 4 apps that I decided to try out -- three of which I spent a week using -- Things was far and away the best option for me. Though Things has some comparable features with at least the runner-up, Things comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts was what won me over. I have been using Things for all of my project & task management and I could not be happier with my decision!

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people