Developer: Zhiliang Li

Current Version: 1.1.5

Last Updated: 13 days ago

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Our thoughts are non-linear, ideas in our heads take the form of webs of connected ideas. Ideas are connected to each other, they support each other. Hopefully, creative ideas emerge from this webs of ideas.

Along the way to the fundamental, all ideas should be backed by ground-truth facts, otherwise, it would just be wishful thinking. This is so called "First Principle" thinking.

### Create your webs of ideas
SolidPoint helps you to build your webs of ideas. It preserves your thought trace starting from ground-truth facts or personal opinions along the way to conclusions. It helps you to visualize the thinking process you went through, so you can examine them step by step.

### Share your conclusions as well as how do you get to there
SolidPoint preserves the path you went through from information sources to final conclusions. By Sharing the SolidPoint file, your are sharing your deduction process as well.


Release Notes:

This version we fixed some known bugs