Developer: Vladimir Zavertaylov

Current Version: 1.1.7

Last Updated: 13 days ago

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SingularityApp — the most powerful chaos management planner. Entrust him with all tasks and routines, and clear your head for contemplation and new ideas.

Try SingularityApp if you’re:
A MANAGER who wish to organize work on the project correctly, not to get bogged down in urgent tasks and find time for important ones.
A STUDENT who wish to prepare for the session, speak at the Youth Forum and still hang out with friends.
A HOUSEKEEPER who wish to tidy up the house according to ConMarie, make a shopping list for a week and get a couple of hours for herself.
A PERSON who seeks a conscious life and prefers not to dream, but sets goals and fulfills them.

Key opportunities:
QUICK ENTRY WIDGET. Create tasks without opening the application, even while watching a movie.
PRINT AND TASK RECOGNITION. Print the day plan, mark completed tasks there, take a picture with the camera in the app — all marks will be transferred to SingularityApp.
STATEMENT OF TASKS FROM E-MAIL. Got a letter with orders by e-mail? Send it to a special address and it will be converted to a task in SingularityApp.
RECURRENT TASKS. Repeat regular tasks and make it a habbit.
NOTIFICATIONS. Receive notifications of upcoming tasks and deadlines. Nothing else will go out of sight!
PRIORITIES. Determine what is really important to you and direct energy to it.
FOCUS MODE. Hide all projects except the current one to concentrate on the main thing.
REVIEW MODE. Set up intervals for reviewing projects and see which ones should be shaken.
POMODORO. Go from planning tasks to completing them right in SingularityApp. Break your work into 25-minute intervals with short rest breaks to do more in less time.
ENDLESS LEVELS. Put tasks in tasks and projects in projects as many times as needed.
PASSWORDS. Use for tasks with sensitive data.
TAGS. Combine tasks from a wide variety of projects using tags.
CHECKLISTS. Add checklists in tasks to list everything item by item.
THEMES. Switch the theme in one click. Click — and see — the darkness of space or bright stardust.
PROJECT COLORS. Set the color for each project and keep track of your progress on the progress-bar.
CLOUD SYNCHRONIZATION. Work on the device at your fingertips. All updates automatically appear on other devices.
IMPORT TASKS. Using another planner? Set up import of tasks and projects in SingularityApp and compare two applications in action.

SingularityApp is a free application. At the same time, you can always switch from your basic account to a premium one. In Singularity Premium, you will have access to the most powerful tools to fight chaos.

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