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Developer: Soferio

Current Version: 0.91

Last Updated: 7 years ago

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SenGram Maker is an OSX app for generating SenGram puzzles in the *.SGM file format. (SenGram is an iPhone and iPad app available on iTunes, which allows users to solve 'sentence diagram' puzzles).

SenGram Maker is particularly suitable for teachers who are instructing a class of students who have access to iPads with SenGram installed. Further, if the class is an advanced class, students may wish to use SenGram Maker to prepare their own SenGram puzzles for other students to complete using SenGram.

A video demonstrating the operation of SenGram Maker is at:

Once you prepare a SenGram puzzle using SenGram Maker, you can either email it to anyone who has SenGram installed, or save it at a location (e..g a Dropbox directory, by way of example) from which files can be retrieved by users of SenGram. If you operate your own website, this would be a great location to which you might save SGM files for others to download and solve using SenGram.

This is the first release of SenGram maker, and we look forward to your comments (please email us at [email protected]). In particular, if you create a website with SenGram puzzles on it, please let us know so we can provide a link to it from our website!


Release Notes:

- Added scaled viewing (zoom feature) in response to feedback.
- Increased size of canvas.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0.9
Review by mawsonii

Still very much a beta app - It's exciting to see this application make its debut. Unfortunately, execution falls far short of expectations. The app seizes unexpectedly, so save often. When you do your page setup, you can't tell where the right border of your sheet ends until you unexpectedly discover that you can't continue drawing in spite of the fact that the gridlines suggest that there's plenty more room. There's no scaled viewing, so if you have a long, complicated sentence you won't be able to view the entirety of your work in a unified display. You can't print your work from within the app; you have to "[s]imply prepare the puzzle, save it as an .SGM file, place it on a website, or email it, or make it available in a dropbox (or equivalent) directory, and then open the file on an iPhone or iPad that has SenGram installed." I emailed myself my first diagram project and then opened it on my iPod on which I had already installed SenGram. I watched the "Loading . . ." wheel of death work for nearly 50 minutes before I gave up expecting to see anything. Judging from the version number, "0.9," I think we're looking at a beta product born with the view that fastest with the mostest wins. Sadly, in this case, "mostest" doesn't amount to much. The developers of this product need to take a lesson from Steve Jobs: "For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through." This app is a good idea whose initial delivery was quick and dirty. Keep trying, team. Before you re-engineer the product, I suggest you re-engineer your thinking. Grammar geeks around the globe will eventually sing your praises. And if not your praises, certainly the praises of the team that thinks different and then delivers jaw-dropping quality.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people