Developer: Araneum Group srl

Current Version: 2.7

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Il famoso gioco di carte italiano! Sono previsti cinque mazzi diversi di carte: napoletane, piacentine, trevisane, sarde e francesi. Si gioca contro il computer con tre livelli di difficoltà diversi.


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64 bit


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.61
Review by BBurr55

Addicting - I've been enjoying this game for several months now. If I could make a suggestion it would be to store the user's Preferences from one game to the next. If you change any of the preferences the next time you start the program they are set back to the default. Also, and I am not certain how Scopa rules work here, but if the two players (you and the computer) are tied at or above the Victory setting (21 by default) the game does not continue so as to break the tie; it simply ends in a tie. I'm not sure what to make of another reviewer's comments about the app being flawd [sic]. If there is a King, a three and a seven showing and you or the computer plays a king it always takes the king. That's the rule of Scopa and it seems to follow it from what I can tell. The other comment about how the computer can select which cards to take but the user can not is not true. For example if there is no six showing but a two of coins, a two of cups, a four of coins, and a four of cups. You would ideally want to use a six to take the two and four of coins. You can do this by repeatedly clicking on the six in your hand. Each time you click it cycles through the options available to you (the cards it will take are outlined in red). One thing about playing Scopa on a computer is that you don't have to manually keep the score which is both good and bad. When playing with friends and a deck of cards I now find it tedious to count up at the end of a hand. The computer version has spoiled me.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 2.61
Review by JCABHM

Favorite card game, but this is not a good app!!! - First of all, I love La Scopa. But this app is flawd. It is rigged for the computer to beat the real player. La Scopa rules state that when you are matching cards, a King (or any other card will match to a King (or the other card) prior to matching with combination of cards that add together to make the score. In this flawed app this works if you have no options of a same card that will make a combination with another card. The app gets to select the card it wishes to match too, but it does not allow th ereal player the same choice. Please update with a corrected application. Also, add a new game button directly to the screen of the app.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people