Return to Dark Castle

Developer: Super Happy Fun Fun, Inc.

Current Version: 1.4

Last Updated: 7 years ago

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The awesome update to THE true Mac classic game! Return to Dark Castle Includes all 30 original Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle levels plus 50 new, action packed levels.

Dark Castle maintained a ranking in the top 5 best sellers on the Mac for 36 straight months after its original introduction.

Reintroduced by its original creator Mark Stephen Pierce and Merge Interactive. "Z-Sculpt has been lovingly crafting this version for over a decade and it has my full endorsement" (MSP)

Rediscover the fun and challenge of this true classic with gameplay that is still as rich, unique and addictive today as it was in the days of the original Mac 128K.

* Over 50 brand-new levels
* All 30 classic, re-mastered levels from Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle integrated into a new, extensive quest
* New Secret Rooms and Mini-games
* 25 orbs to collect
* All of the classic foes plus new monsters and bosses
* New weapons, power ups, and secret items
* Random labyrinths and mazes provide unique puzzles with each play
* Game recording and playback
* Customizable costumes
* Support for most gamepads and joysticks

In a time of magic and mythical beasts, the ominous Dark Castle glows eerily under the full moon.

For centuries, the evil Black Knight has dwelled within these walls, spreading fear over the once peaceful countryside.

All seemed hopeless until one day, a traveler from a faraway land wandered into the peasant village.

He called himself Prince Duncan, and told the townspeople he had come on a quest to vanquish the Black Knight.

Overjoyed that peace might finally be restored to their land, they cheered as Duncan set off toward the castle.

But alas, their hero never returned from his valiant quest.

Tales of his bravery were all that were spoken of Dark Castle for many years.... Until now.

A new hero has arrived, ready to face the perils of the castle and destroy the cruel Black Knight once and for all.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4
Review by John-Robert La Porta

Fan of side-scrolling adventure? This one's for you! - If you had ever played Dark Castle, BDC, Prince of Persia, or similar titles in the genre, this will take you back. This game is a collection of Dark Castle, Beyond Dark Castle, and new levels rolled into one. All of the classic sound 80's sound effects are here, as well as the wacky animations and happenings of the original series. What is new is the amazing background musical score that only adds to both the humor and hauntingly chilling atmosphere of the castle. New weapons, new objectives, side goals, and nearly endless hidden secrets make for an extremely rich experience. The above screenshots do not do the game justice, and it looks spectacular on my 27" iMac. Be prepared to put in a significant amount of time on this one: the challenge is real! I played the originals when I was five years old, it is also perfect for children. It is a steal at $5 for the amount of gameplay that is provided. Have fun!

Found helpful by 42 out of 44 people
Version 1.4
Review by Peter Jacobson

ridiculous - This game is so ridiculously hard, even on novice level. It was so frustrating to even make basic progress that I wanted to throw my computer through the window. I want my money back.

Found helpful by 5 out of 17 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.4
Review by Arfken

Not only nostalgia... - Wow, for us old guys who remember playing the original game on an old Mac Plus, this game is absolutely fantastic! It brings us back to an age when games could be incredibly difficult, and you would spend an entire afternoon just trying to complete a couple of screens. This type of gaming is rather quaint by today's standards, but in the case of Dark Castle it is incredibly fun and satisfying even today to sit down for an hour, try to get one orb, and the continue playing the next day. I love how the graphics and sound still reflects the style of the old game, while at the same time been gently been upgraded with e.g. nice ambient music.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.4
Review by bubba8591

missed a big opportunity - I like others played this game when I was much younger - one of the truly classic Mac games. But while the graphics and sound of RtDC are really terrific, the game is ultimately not very playable because - as many others have pointed out - it is just too darned hard. The frustration factor rises quickly and after about the tenth time of failing to get through a set of screens, you exit the game in disgust. This is particularly true if you get through say 2 or 3 screens only to fail on the 4th screen again and again - and have to start all over again. I've never been quite sure why game designers think this is 'fun'. Anyway, for the missed opportunity: BDC (Beyond Dark Castle) was also a difficult game, but it had one important feature RtDC lacks: the ability to practice any screen/room in the game. In this way if you're having difficulties with a particular screen/room, you could practice it until you got good enough to progress through that part of the game. RtDC does have a training area where you learn the basic controls of the game - but it's just not the same (nowhere close). And one other suggestion or alternative to practice capability (hopefully SHFF is listening): PUT CHEAT CODES IN THE GAME. I know you hardcore gamers don't like cheat codes, but the rest of us 'mere mortals' pretty much require them from time-to-time to get through really difficult sections of action-based games. For the game producer, it should be all about leaving the customer with that 'satisfied feeling'. A game I can't finish (or even get close to finishing), will not leave me satisfied - and make me reluctant to purchase future products from that producer.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 1.4
Review by [email protected]

Game is awesome! - I love this game. this is a original classic! I can remember playing this game on my Mac Classic when you had to install it on 1.4" floppy. Now its back and better than ever with beautiful 2D sprites and all new gear / items. Fireball, Poison Ball, 4 piece armor, the Labrynths, the Forests with the helicopter pack! its all here and more! Get this game! For people complaining that its too hard, its a port of the original game… blame the original game… I beat this game and I don't think its any harder than the first, of course I'm a very good gamer even for a old man :) and the kids who think they are good at games like wow and sc2 but fail at this… welcome to the past, where developers cared about making a game challenging.. instead of auto-saves, infinite lives, and AI so dumb my mom could beat it.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.4
Review by ron.blancarte

A classic reimagined - Having playing the original Dark Castle countless times, this was a game I had to buy as soon as I saw it was in the App Store. Dark Castle was an old Mac game from back in 1986. It was a classic black and white side scroller. It was hard, tedious and addictive. As sequel was made in 1987 called Beyond Dark Castle. It was similar gameplay, with more levels. This game is both of those games. But then includes so much more. While you can go through the castle and play all of the levels from both of those games, this game expands on it, with a host of new levels to quest through, but also a bunch of hidden levels to find too. Along with the main quest, there are side items like treasures and different weapons to find. And while these new elements do change the game, they only further enhance game play, not take away from it. Is this an easy game? Not in the least. But the difficulty is a challenge to be conquered and this game will provide hours of fun.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.4
Review by Arthegall

Fabulous! - I played the two originals back in the day pretty much all the way through on all three difficulty levels. This version is hard. The key is to get the shield first (lower left door to the library room). It's a tough set of rooms (even on easy), but once you have the shield, everything else becomes a lot easier. It took me a month of casual playing to finally get the shield. Once I had the shield, it took me about three hours to roll most of the rest of the game. After you get the shield, go to the original fireball levels to get the fireball. If you played the original, it'll be just like you remember. I'm sure the reason they removed the original shield levels is because it would have made getting the shield too easy, and thus the game too easy. Glad I stuck with it!

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people