Developer: Gargant Studios

Current Version: 18.0

Last Updated: 5 months ago

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Reflow is a musical notation software that can be used to create your own original scores in a very flexible and innovative way. Songs you write can be played back using the embedded software synthesizer.

Reflow can also import and play any Guitar Pro* or PowerTab file you can find on the Internet, giving you access to literally hundred of thousands of songs to learn and practice.

Reflow integrates well with the latest Mac OSX features, with its support for iCloud, Autosave, Versions and Full Screen Mode.

The new Reflow engine allows you to modify your song while it's still playing, for a totally non interruptive workflow.

Reflow can be used to compose and practice any song for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Banjo, and many other instruments as long as it uses Standard Notation or Tablature.

Then you can take away and modify your compositions anywhere you go using the Reflow for iPad App. With its iCloud support, every change you make in a session with your band, will be waiting for you when you come back home.

This is a great addition to your musical tools collection, at an affordable price.

- iCloud enabled.
- Import and playback any Guitar Pro*, or PowerTab file.
- Works seamlessly with Reflow for iOS.
- Enter notes using your MIDI keyboard.
- Export to MIDI, GP5 or WAVE file for easy sharing.
- Keep your songs organized using the built-in file library.
- Write your music using Tablature, Standard notation, Chord Diagrams and Chord Names.
- Support of Piano Grand Staff.
- Musical directions (Coda, Segno, …).
- Flexible design allowing you to use different scores for each instrument of your song.
- Manipulate your song's sections painlessly using drag and drop.
- Chord diagrams database you can drag onto your scores.
- Display the notes on a Fretboard or Piano keyboard.
- Full vector graphics PDF export for easy manipulation in Illustrator.
- Many Guitar effects and articulations, such as Bend, Brush, Slides and much more.
- macOS Versions and Autosave.

* Up to Guitar Pro 5.x version.


Release Notes:

This new version handles multiple grace notes to write drum drags and fixes problems with grace notes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.5
Review by ChiRunner

Very useful for what I needed! - I've read the other reviews and can relate where users are coming from, but wanted to share my thoughts on this software along with how I am currenty using it. I am an intermediate guitarist, and find reflow very useful as it does seem to center around guitar and bass a little more than anything else. Though I do read music, the ability to write using guitar tablature (+midi controller) first, or to further study other songs with displayed tablature is just a great thing to have. For the price, reflow is a great option compared to some of the higher end software out there with MOST of the same functions. I find learning songs is that much easier being able to import gp- files from the internet and having reflow as a default program for these files I likewise access on my itouch apps. I love the ability to export creations into midi, and then import those into other software, namely GarageBand, for further sound editing. I'm certainly not at a professional level and am purely a recreational musician, so I find everything I need here…well, almost everything! If I could add anything, I am real big on using midi and would LOVE to have the ability to import midi files INTO reflow, not just gp- files, and not just the ability to export them. I do create a lot of music in other programs like Band-in-a-Box, iReal, (and again, GarageBand) first with keyboard and guitar midi controllers, and would like to have the reverse editing option by getting them into reflow. Other than that, again for the price, reflow is a great piece of supplemental software.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.7.3
Review by bhargrave98

Very Disappionted - I WANT A REFUND!!! I just spend $19.99 on an app that barely does what I it to do… This program could be very cool and useful with the addition of one simple thing… Please make it possible to click on the staff to add a note, so that we, who don’t have pianos or guitars or whatever don’t have to work with a tiny keyboard… It literally take like five minutes to complete a bar. This is very annoying… I think with the addition of that and some better keyboard comands could make this app very usable for musicians or people who just want to mess around…

Found helpful by 24 out of 24 people