Reeder 4

Developer: Silvio Rizzi

Current Version: 4.2.8

Last Updated: 11 days ago

Download Size: 8.8 MB - Download


A news reader for the Mac with support for various sync services.

Reeder 4 adds new features like…
- The new Bionic Reading mode
- An in-app Read Later service which syncs with iCloud
- Image previews in the articles list (finally)
- An image viewer
- Much improved article viewer
- More layout options, including automatic layout depending on window size
- Automatic reader view

Navigate the app using gestures for a great reading experience. Customize shortcuts and gestures to fine-tune the app to your needs.

Supported sync services:
- Feedbin
- Feedly
- Feed Wrangler
- FeedHQ
- NewsBlur
- The Old Reader
- Inoreader
- BazQux Reader
- Instapaper
- Pocket

If you want to use a self-hosted service, Reeder should work with services which use the Fever or the Google Reader API. Or just standalone RSS (without syncing) if you don't want to use any service.

Reeder 4 is also available for iOS.


Release Notes:

- Article viewer issues
- “No valid URL” error when using the Read Later extension


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.0
Review by jnoxon

Love this app, just one nitpick - Version 3 supported a bunch of built-in services for sharing items. Version 4 does the sensible thing and just uses the system share sheet. This works great on iOS, but on the Mac there doesn't seem to be a good way to share items to Pinboard anymore (aside from some very poorly reviewed and overpriced apps that I have not tried.) I hope this gap gets filled soon, or I might have to have a go at filling it myself.

Found helpful by 27 out of 28 people
Version 4.2.3
Review by the_gerger

Version 4 has stopped working - Even the most current February 2020 release does not launch anymore. It crashes on every attempt to open it. There is absolutely no response from support (since September 2019 when the problem was introdued) and others users are plagued with the exact same issue. Although I've truly enjoyed using Reeder and it was a pleasure to use when it still worked, I sadly have to strongly advise to stay away from version 4 and look elsewhere. Very disappointing.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.2.8
Review by alvaro9210

Hands down best News Agregator for Apple ecosystem - I have been trying multiple agregators in the past (Feeder, Feedly, Google News) but I was not quite happy with the multi platform (Mac, iPhone and Work computer) solution that the other agregators had. If you are looking for a tool in which to read all your news and keep them in sync, use Reeder Feedly. I have added my feeds to Feedly and I am using it in my Personal Mac my iPhone Work computer and everything remains in sync. And I'm not mentioning the best thing yet, its beautiful and breathtaking UI. Kudos to the team. You have developed a very killer app. 👏🏻

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 4.2.8
Review by ReluctantReviewer3

(STILL) won't launch for months now - Reeder (now v4.2.8) still won't launch for me in latest macOS (v10.15.7, 19H2), and noticing other reviewers with the same issue. No response from developer -- how could this app have won an "editors' choice" award from Apple when it won't even launch for multiple users?! (Also bizarre is that even though this app hasn't even been *launching* for the majority of the time I've "owned" it, at this point, I can't get a refund from Apple & the App Store because the launch-crashing started after an auto-update was applied after 90 days since initially buying the app.)

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 4.2.8
Review by Lecter

Reliable, well designed & a delight to use. - Reeder is fast and beautiful. I wish more apps were as well coded as this one.

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