RPG MapMaker

Developer: Massimiliano Bussi

Current Version: 3.0

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 38.1 MB - Download


RPG MapMaker is a great application to craft encounter maps for tabletop role playing games.

Main features:

■Full control of your maps
■Add picture or text items
■Rotate, scale and move your items
■Text is fully styled
■Expandable library of background textures and items
■Import any JPG, PNG, GIF or TIF picture
■Multiple layers
■Layer order can be changed
■Layers can be hidden
■Layers have a transparency setting
■Freehand and line draw
■Use colors or textures
■Drawings are contained in a layer
■Full iCloud support
■Compatible with RPG MapMaker and RPG MapMaker HD for iOS (including iCloud sharing)
■Comprehensive help

Maps can be exported as PNG, JPG, TIF or layered PSD, and can be printed.


Release Notes:

- Bug fixes
- Improved drawing engine
- Improved compatibility with iOS version
- Export map as layered PSD
- Support of retina screens and dark mode


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by 884HR

this is…garbage... - Selecting items doens't even work properly. Importing items, snap is nowhere to be seen (I mean any alignment help,) the grid doesn't show up, drawing isn't calibrated (my pen tablet wasn't drawing at all where the cursor showed) the zoom function is ridiculous, the undo doesn't work for anything, not even for what the help instructions said it would…this is crap. please update all those thing at a bare minimum…then I'll be nicer:) This is horrible, to put it nicely. Just look at the RPG MapMaker Support link. UPDATE THIS. People are very unhappy. (Yes, I know now I should have read that beforehand…I just guess I expected such a horrible app to be reviewed here as well.) Really, though. This is utter garbage. Please update this, and I will make this review much nicer. I like to think I'm a reasonable guy—this app, however, is unreasonably atrocious.

Found helpful by 73 out of 73 people