Pear Note

Developer: Useful Fruit Software

Current Version: 3.2

Last Updated: 5 years ago

Download Size: 3.8 MB - Download


Record everything. By integrating traditional text notes with audio, video, and slides, Pear Note ensures that you never miss a thing.

Do you:

Look at your notes and wonder what they mean?
Pear Note can jump straight to the point in the recording where you typed that note, so you can listen to what was going on at the time and use the recording to interpret your notes.

Find that your notes have large gaps?
Pear Note lets you navigate to the end of the notes you did take, so you can listen to or watch what was going on when you zoned out and fill in the gaps.

- Records keystrokes, audio, video, and slides
- Instantly jump to anywhere in the recording
using the text or the slides
- Supports slides to link your notes with the presentation being given
- Sync your notes to the mobile app on your phone or tablet via Dropbox
- Share notes on the web
- Rich text notes
- Advanced playback control
- Auto Save and Versions (requires Lion or later)
- Full-screen (requires Lion or later)
- Integrates with Call Recorder for Skype from Ecamm to take notes on Skype calls
- Take notes on prerecorded media too
- Support for Retina displays

"It's like TiVo for note taking." - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

"If you have a regular need to take notes and you own a portable Mac, I can’t recommend Pear Note enough." - Fresh Arrival


Release Notes:

Fixed compatibility issues with OS X 10.11 El Capitan
Rework layout an animation to be smoother
Other miscellaneous bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0.3
Review by Andy v

I love this App, with a few more features it would be worth double - I have used this app for a week now and have been super impressed. Everything works very well and the interface is very intuitive. The play back allows you to see what was said during a particular slide or what you wrote or and combination. I am using an 11inch Macbook air and can hear the teacher with the built in mic. There are a few feature that i would really like to see with this software. The first would be an intigrated file system. Right now all you can do is save all of your notes to 1 predetermined folder. It would be cool to be able to set up classes with a menu interface and select the class when opening the program. It would also be nice if the recording software was able to eliminate(or dampen) key clicks as that is the only drawback of using the internal mic(the instructor is still audible with key/mouse clicking. I hope i can keep up the habit of using this as it is by far the most orgainized way taking notes i have ever ran across.

Found helpful by 26 out of 27 people
Version 2.0.4
Review by Law_Vol

Overpriced and Under-Functioned - This applet is TOTALLY overpriced and delivers ZERO functionality. There are plenty of apps at 1/4 the cost in the app store the accomplish ten times as much. Text capabilities are ZERO, unless you're into plain-text-only notetaking. This is essentially a $40 sound recorder. JUNK. Move along.

Found helpful by 7 out of 28 people