PDFScanner - Scanning and OCR

Developer: Felix Rotthowe

Current Version: 1.15.4

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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There are many applications for macOS that allow scanning of images or text. Most of them are however complex, slow or not really suited for scanning documents or letters.

PDFScanner has been created with one simple task in mind: Scanning and archiving documents as quick and easy as possible, and making them findable with Spotlight search.

When performing OCR, PDFScanner adds the recognized text directly to the scanned image as an invisible layer, so the text can be selected and copied just like in other PDF files.

PDFScanner supports the following features:

• Support for all scanners that are supported by the macOS Image Capture application (please check that using the scanner in Image Capture works before purchasing to be sure)

• Optical character recognition to make the document searchable, allow to find it via Spotlight and other search tools or copy the text.

• Supported OCR languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish

• Intuitive and fast user interface to reorder, delete or edit pages

• Fully automatic straightening of crooked pages (deskew)

• Full multithreading support. Scanning, OCR and straightening is done on multiple pages in parallel and you can even reorder or delete pages while PDFScanner is still working

• „Fake Duplex“ mode to simplify scanning of double sided documents without a duplex scanner

• Saving to PDF (optionally compressing the scan inside the PDF to save disk space). PDFScanner can perform super high compression for monochrome scans (usually smaller than 50kb per page including OCR text)

• Customizable file name patterns (include for example date, time and machine name in the filename) - PDFScanner can even guess the document title and date from the OCR text.

• It is also possible to open or import existing PDF documents and perform OCR on them via a menu option (the language can be set in the Preferences).

• Advanced users can use the included Automator action to create custom OCR workflows or folder actions

PDFScanner runs on all macOS versions from El Capitan to Catalina and is only available on the Mac App Store.


Release Notes:

Ensured future compatibility and fixed a few bugs


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.9.2
Review by djOdaddy

Great scans , nice file size. Just a couple of wishes - This utility works really well. I use it quite often, especially during tax season. I have a 2006 HP Officejet 2410 and it works much better than the printer or the preview’s scan utilties. I’ve recently realized that I can scan several documents and do selective saving as it’s still scanning. It’s such a big time saver over scanning, saving, reloading….scanning, saving, reloading. There are 2 features that I wish it had. Save to Preview. So it will open the scan in Preview. This gives me the ability to modify or email the PDF before it’s actually saved. And a Scan history feature, so I can locate where I saved my last 10 scans. Much like the Download history button in Safari. I sometimes mistakingly save a scan in the wrong place and there isn’t an easy way to track down where I saved it. Otherwise, this is a really great, simple scan software.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.9.2
Review by Roz_99

Simply doesn’t work as promised. Do not buy this app. - I bought this app because it had great reviews and it advertised one key feature I was looking for: I could import/open existing PDFs that we not text searchable and convert them to PDFs that were text searchable. This function does not work in this product. I want my money back but there is no way to get it back. Save yourself $15 and AVOID THIS APP.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.15.4
Review by realforrest

Excellent scanning tool - Works with my macOS machines fine. Started using after Brother ControlCenter did not upgrade to 64bit with Catalina. This works fine. Good OCR tool and nice deskew capability-all teh basics you expect that do as they should

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.15.4
Review by MsArtDoc

Simply the Best! - I've used this progam now for 3 years and its never failed me. Highly recommend.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.15.4
Review by hausofwrath

An essential tool for OS-obsoleted scanner software - I was reluctant to pay this much but it's worth it. It provides the additional options that the OS-included scanner tool lacks but that Catalina-obsoleted Brother scanner software offered. And it has deskew and OCR that the prior software didn't. It's more efficient for parsing out giant PDFs into multiple documents than my actual PDF software.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.15.4
Review by ydant

8 years of use, still 5 stars - I stumbled across this in my purchase history and realized I've been using this app consistently for my scanning needs for 8 years. It's integral to my scanning workflow - it works great, every time, and seamlessly handles fake duplex, OCR, image correction. Just recently used it to scan almost 1,000 pages of various documents in both legal and letter size - and it just chewed through it all without a complaint. Major kudos to the app developer for making a solid product and continuing to support it after so many years.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.15.4
Review by Alan Walter

Does a great job - Very easy to use and does an excellent job scanning documents.

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