On The Job

Developer: Stunt Software

Current Version: 3.0.8

Last Updated: 6 years ago

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On The Job is designed to help you track your time and expenses, and bill your clients by quickly creating professional invoices. On The Job is straightforward and easy to use letting you focus on what's important.

On The Job features:

Jobs can contain four basic types of items: Timed, Fixed Cost, Quantity, and Mileage. These items correspond to line items on an invoice. If you need to quickly add or adjust times, you can use the Quick Add (for those times a client calls you at one in the morning and the last thing on your mind is starting a timer) and Quick Modify (in case you forgot to stop the timer when you started working on something else) buttons.

On The Job offers flexible invoice creation. Several invoice templates are included, but the real power is revealed when you use the integrated template editor to create your own templates.

Billing in multiple currencies? No problem, each client can use a different currency, and you can format it any way you like.

The hourly rate set for the client is used by default, however this can be overridden for individual job items that need their own rate.

If you've left the timer running and walked away from your computer, On The Job will alert you when you return and give you the option of removing the time from your job.

See the status of your timer at a glance with the handy menu bar status item. Quickly start or stop the timer, or switch to a different task without ever bringing up the main window.

Each Client contains its own fully customizable invoice number generation settings. You can increment an invoice number globally, or locally to that client.

If you have multiple companies, or bill some clients through a company and others personally, On The Job can handle it. Create profiles with customized names, addresses, and logos. Assign profiles to your clients and automatically have the correct information appear in any invoices you create.

On The Job is the most straightforward, powerful, and easiest to use time tracker and invoicing solution out there - give it a try!


Release Notes:

- Improved stability under Mountain Lion.
- Added Retina Display support.
- Fixed issues upgrading from previous versions.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.0.4
Review by maitri1

I think it - I don't know where the 1 star review could possibly be coming from. I've been a freelance web designer/developer and photographer for over 15 years now, and I've used various time-logging/invoicing solutions over that time. I'm very demanding, as I juggle several clients, log in and out of different jobs all day. I recently downloaded just about every possible billing software for the mac that offered a trial, and I pounded on them for a good while. On the Job and OfficeTime were the main contenders after I rejected the rest of the field. On the job is a bit better than that number 2 choice for a few reasons (just a little more intuitive, and less background-resource intensive). The 21 day trial is over and I just bought it. This is mission-critical software for me, and I feel happy to be able to use something this well designed and solid. Note: this is for timing tasks/jobs for billing time, say if you are a freelancer. You log in, it times and calculates $$, then you can make an invoice. It does this perfectly and easily. For other purposes you need other software. For this purpose, On the Job is great.

Found helpful by 32 out of 33 people
Version 3.0.8
Review by Studio Food

Not for Freelance Artists - To give this program it's fair shake I have been using it for 6 month. I have many concerns but here are the top few… I bill several different hourly rates and this program makes it a nightmare to bill one client anything but one rate. I also charge for physical items, like laser prints. This programs method of achieving that is to have you enter each item manually- making it a static line item. There is no method for creating estimates, NONE. In addition, once an invoice has been generated it cannot be altered- in any way. Finally, The controls require precision where they should be quick and intuitive. I DO NOT recommend this for advanced creative professionals. It maybe good for somebody starting out who doesn't need sophistication or detail in their client invoicing.

Found helpful by 41 out of 45 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.0.8
Review by MontanaMac

Abandoned App - The developers have abandoned this app. Look at the last updated date: back in 2012! This, despite many requests on their site, and despite many promises to keep improving the software. It appears the developers have moved on to other projects. Too bad, because it showed potential a couple years ago.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 3.0.8
Review by BMT43

Excellent option for consultants - I have been consulting for the past 20 years. During this time I have been using quickbooks which I found not very user friendly especially when it came to daily tracking of time and expense. In addition to Quicken I would have to use seperate task tracking software. After trying many options, this is the first software that provides 90% of the desired solution. I find I can use it for task management with multiple clients, track time and expense for each as performed and then invoice each monthly. You will find a significant improvement in your producitivty so you can spend time on what you got in the business to do.

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 3.0.8
Review by FundingTheRevolution

Decent app; No support - If you buy it don’t use the App Store - Purchased from the App Store. OK functionality for the price. But downloading an update in hopes of killing some app bugs corrupted the purchase key, causing the app to demand that I buy it again. I sent a copy of my Apple receipt to the manufacturer customer support email address that they provide through the App Store, and requested a replacement key. NOPE. Stunt Software (good name, I guess) refused and directed me back to Apple. I gave them until COB to correct this dumb answer, but no joy. I have reloaded an old copy, bugs and key, from my Time Machine and started searching for a better app with better support. Can’t afford to spend any more $300/hr time to fight with a $39 app.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 3.0.8
Review by Devninjaa

Sweet App - I've been a freelance developer for around 12 years. This app is the only one I've ever found that works just how I need it to. It's got a nice interface and is intuitive to use.

Found helpful by 4 out of 6 people
Version 3.0.8
Review by ughhmorecrapps

Perfection - This app functions exactly as described. I absolutely love it. I was looking for an intuitive application that would allow me to manage jobs and generate invoices on the fly. After ripping my hair out with Billings for almost a year, I turned to On The Job and will never look back. Awesome application! Kudos to the developers!

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people