Developer: NASA

Current Version: 2.4

Last Updated: 11 days ago

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Join the NASA team by helping us classify coral reefs! Travel the world, make friends with ocean wildlife, and classify real coral by painting in 3D. The classifications you create go directly to NASA and help protect the oceans!

* 3D PAINTING - Relax and fingerpaint, or use an Apple Pencil, to express yourself and help the environment
* UNDERWATER WORLDS - Explore the open ocean meeting clownfish, sea turtles, whale shark and more
* LEARN AS YOU GO - Learn about the oceans and how to classify coral as you go, no prior knowledge needed
* PLAY IN AR - View the world’s corals in your own house on any augmented reality enabled device


Release Notes:

Added point cloud support.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.2

Great app to learn & make a difference - Awesome app! It’s very straightforward to use for anybody, and you get to learn about marine coral and more by using; and simultaneously helping NASA to better map and evaluate the health of our Coral reefs. You get to paint color coding overlays onto detailed 3D coral plots of real coral, which is satisfying to do by itself, but also feels really good because the 3D data you are analyzing is real mapped coral and your submissions get sent to a real super computer which helps compile data and improve its AI through public inputs. All in all: a great resource to have fun and learn while literally helping improve data to help save the planet! -Thanks to the team at NASA working on saving our reefs, and the people who made this app! (I end up using this app for periods of 30 minutes or more because it’s so satisfying and borderline addictive to submit your work because you know it has a real impact. For most people, it’s seemly small actions that will contribute large scale globally: in the case of saving our reefs, which are being harmed by human impacts, everything little change or effort you make, contributes to a larger effort. SO PLAY YOUR PART AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE by just downloading this app!

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Version 2.4
Review by Monkey1013557

Excellent, educational, and environmentally helpful - This app is so much fun, and helps Nasa to study and go over data about the ocean floor. I love the app and give it 5/5 stars!!

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Version 2.4
Review by PeppyPep44

Love this game but could use some improvements - I absolutely LOVE this game. But there are some minor improvements I would like to see: the ability to make all colors except the current color invisible/more transparent, and secondly a meter to show what % of the coral patch you have covered with paint so you don’t miss anything. Overall I love this game and I love the feeling of doing something easy to help out our oceans!

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