Developer: Jiulong Zhao

Current Version: v1.26

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Monitor your work area with your iSight or connected webcam and capture images of any anomalies.

In this day and age, most are only concerned with spyware and malware from the Internet, but few seem to be interested in a more old-fashioned sort of hacking: what if someone just walked up to your computer and did his dirty work the analog way?
Maybe he's not even hacking per se, but simply snooping around. But it doesn't matter, you don't want people to invade your privacy, much less browse through your files. And if someone does, you want to know who!

MotionDetect does exactly that. If your environment changes - meaning that someone in front of the webcam, your camera triggers and takes a capture so you know exactly who or what has visited your area. Working together with your password enabled screensaver, MotionDetect keep your computer safe!

- the amount of motion is displayed in real time.
- sensitivity of the capture trigger can be adjusted in real time.
- interface can be hidden.
- can trigger screensaver while interface is hidden.
- iSight camera and all webcams & DV devices supported by Mac are supported.


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Version v1.26
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