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Developer: Creaceed SPRL

Current Version: 5.0.4

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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Morph Age is an application to create morphing and warping animations on macOS.

With Morph Age, you can create a morphing animation from two or more images. Define curves on matching features in each image (such as the contour of the eyes, nose, mouth in the case of face morphing), and preview the changes in real time. When satisfied with the result, export your morphing either as a movie or several images. The possibilities are nearly endless! Morph humans, animals, humans to animals, objects…

You can also work from a single image to create special effects by warping & colorizing it, and give it an original touch! Animate warp curves independently to make specific parts of the image move with their own style and pace.

- Support for 64-bit architectures
- Warp (deform) images
- Morph still images (support for multiple images)
- Interactive previewing
- Key-framed animation of curves
- Colorization
- Face location detection
- Smart assist for easily editing curves
- Subpixel accuracy for curve fine-tuning to avoid “ghost” effects

- Bézier splines for more control on deformation
- Curve, circle, square tools
- Multi-selection & editing of curves
- Move, resize, rotate
- Simple animation effects: normal, smooth, springy, accelerate, decelerate
- Complex animation effects: key-framed curve motion
- Zooming, panning capabilities for precise fine tuning
- Multi-morph support (A>B>C…)
- Fullscreen editing and previewing
- Non-linear editing (motion & blending curves)
- Replace image, reverse order
- Region of interest (ROI) definition for images of different sizes
- Make animation longer or shorter
- Increase/decrease size of the images for export
- Unlimited undo/redo
- Separate real-time preview panel

- Ultra-fast hybrid rendering engine (GPU/CPU)
- Back and forth for morphing animations
- Background color, even transparent
- Photoshop-like transparency previewing
- Alpha aware for transparent images
- Partial rendering

- Morph Age documents (.morphage)
- Still images sequence
- Video (.mov) in H.264 or ProRes — Now support for 4K resolution

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Release Notes:

Fixed navigation mini-map interaction problems in image editors on retina displays.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.1.3
Review by Mike Evangelist

Great fun; works well. - It's easy to use and produces great results. Takes me back to 1991 and the fun and excitement of the original Morph application (from Gryphon Software), but with far more advanced capabilities and beautifully rendered results.

Found helpful by 10 out of 10 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.0.4
Review by Markonrose

A powerful program with a frustrating interface - Morph Age produces clean, smooth morphs that can be manipulated in impressive ways and output in a variety of useful formats. However, creating those morphs is a harrowing experience. For someone who is accustomed to real vector drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator, Morph Age's Bézier drawing tools are frustratingly limited. For example, you can't select and drag multiple anchor points at once; you can't break the connection between curve handles while you draw (you have to edit them afterward); and once you've completed an open path, you can't come back later and extend it with additional anchor points. The handles themselves are so tiny that it's often difficult to grab them with the mouse, especially when (as often happens) a handle is partially hidden by one of the controls on the rectangular bounding box. There's no option to change the color of Bézier curves, so if the image you're working on has a lot of magenta in it, locating those tiny handles becomes that much more difficult. Online resources are almost nonexistent, apart from an often unclear and occasionally inaccurate user manual. (The latest available manual is from 2008 and was written for an earlier version of the program.) There are no tutorial videos and — despite what the manual tells you — no user discussion forums. If you're trying to figure out a problem, you're pretty much on your own. As I said, I have no complaint about the resulting morphs, which look great. But I'd expect a company that charges $49 for a piece of software to pay more attention to usability and support.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people