Developer: Kevin LaCoste

Current Version: 2.3.13

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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MoneyWell gives you powerful personal finance organization and analysis tools in a simple, uncluttered, single-window solution.

An Electronic Twist on “Envelope Budgeting”

Splitting up your paycheck into envelopes for each category of your budget is a tried and true method for stopping overspending. Unfortunately, with direct deposit and debit cards that work like cash, it’s nearly impossible to do today. MoneyWell supercharges that concept and gives you back control over your spending with spending buckets.

Find What You’re Looking For Quickly

See all your dining out transactions in the last three months with a couple of clicks in the Filters popover. What if you knew the entry had the word “apple” in it? Just type “apple” in Search Transactions and instantly see the results before you finish typing. Save your favorite searches with our Smart Filters.

Best-In-Class Currency Support

Each transaction stores three amounts, each with its own currency. Purchase using GBP for a EUR account and track your spending in a USD bucket. MoneyWell automatically looks up the correct exchange rate and sets the amounts, but you have full control to change any of them.

Direct Connect Banking

MoneyWell allows you to directly talk to hundreds of banks and other financial institutions giving you one-click access to your accounts. Setting up direct connect banking with MoneyWell is a breeze too. Simply follow the built-in guide that steps you through selecting your financial institution, entering your login information, and adding your accounts.

For those banks that don’t support direct connections, MoneyWell still makes it easy to avoid manual entries by allowing you to import common file formats like OFX, QFX, QIF, and CSV.

Secure Sync via Dropbox

Sync your MoneyWell data between multiple Macs or grab a copy of MoneyWell Express (for iPhone) and keep your data in your pocket. MoneyWell for iPad rounds out the suite and lets you manage your budget from the comport of your favorite chair. And don’t worry about prying eyes, you supply a password that encrypts your data during transmission and while stored on Dropbox.

To learn more about MoneyWell or just to get in touch, please visit out website. We’d love to hear from you!


Release Notes:

A maintenance release to keep things running smoothly on High Sierra.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.3.4
Review by Deepfishie

This is the money management software I’ve been searching for! - Short and sweet: -Great for envelope budgeting -Has a useful supporting mobile app More complete picture: After reading Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace: Revisited,” I began experimenting with envelope budgeting. I did all my calculations on paper worksheets first, then transferred all this information to my PC-based software. Since I work from a Mac, I would have to load Boot Camp to update my finances, which made my computer really slow. Needless to say, it took a LOT of time and there were often calculation errors. Also, my original software’s budgeting tool just didn’t match what I was trying to do: fill (digital) envelopes, and pull money for transactions from those buckets. I wanted more from my money management software, but I just couldn’t find it… …that is until a Google search (“best money management software for Mac”) took me to a review of MoneyWell. I downloaded the trial version, and even though it was limited to 200 transactions, it was enough to convince me that it was THE envelope budget app I was looking for! As with anything, it does take a little while to learn how to navigate all the tools, but there are many helpful video tutorials on the Moneywell website. It also works extremely well with the mobile app so I can record transactions at point-of-sale, and not have to try to remember the details of a purchase from several weeks back. All information syncs through Dropbox. Goodbye Windows-based software. Helloooooooo Mac-based MoneyWell!! =)

Found helpful by 19 out of 19 people
Version 2.1.1
Review by TheReliableCollegeKid

BLOODY IMPOSSIBLE - Great idea from the developers but it is impossible to set up! Way to much of a hassle to even deal with it. And their support staff isn't very helpful either, all they do is refer you to certain articles on their website that you could find yourself. Ultimately, this was the quickest waste of $50 in my life! DO NOT GET THIS APP!

Found helpful by 30 out of 65 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.3.13
Review by kjsladies

Love the problem- horrible customer service - Love this program and have used it for years, but there is barely any customer service. I have emailed the company several times with bugs and issues and rarely if every receive a response and if I do it usually is a canned email response that I could have pulled from the FAQ page. I am currently running versison 2 and since updating to Yosemite, the undo button does not work, which is SOOOO annoying when I make a mistake I have no way to undo my work! I have emailed this issue to the program without any response. SOOO ANNOYING!! The program itself is wonderful and I love the concept and have yet to find a program in comparison it is the only reason I am still with them.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 2.3.13
Review by Gunther Gonads

Quicken and Bank Interface - This product does not import from Quicken, and interface with my bank. Moneywell destroyed the bank password I have for over 25 years. I have not yet been able to even log into my bank through Moneywell (Moneybad?). I should have gone for iBank. $60 down the drain.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 2.3.13
Review by AdamSLowe

Dropbox Sync Officially No Longer Working - I have been a loyal Moneywell fan for several years. My wife and I use it daily to keep track of our spending and budget. Without warning, the Dropbox sync functionality stopped working on 2/1/18. After contacting support I received this message: "As of Feb 1st, 2018, MoneyWell’s built in sync feature will no longer connect to Dropbox. This is due to Dropbox disabling access to their v1 API. While we knew this was coming, I was optimistic that we'd have a new solution in place by the deadline. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, the timing has not worked out in our favour. Sync is a difficult feature to get right and the combination of working to someone else’s timeline and depending on their API means we have little choice but to discontinue the feature until further notice. We know this will be a big blow for some of our users, possibly even a deal breaker. About 10~15% of users had sync enabled which is not an insignificant number. With that in mind, we will definitely be aiming to reintroduce sync in a future update. My sincere apologies for not having handled this better. Kevin” For now, save your $60 since this program does not work as advertised.

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Version 2.3.13
Review by CasperGemini

Done - I’ve been using MoneyWell for years, ever since it was only available on my MacBook. 2 MacBooks and 2 iPads later, there is NEVER a smooth transition from one device to another. I never dared try to sync more than 1 device with my document because I don’t believe for even one second that the running balances will be accurate. I’ve had a new iPad for a week and a half and I cannot, for the life of me, move my data to it. Every time I’ve had these problems before, the developer has sent me instructions to do a manual copy. I’ve been through that song and dance so many times I remember the steps - and they don’t even work now. What’s the point of having DropBox sync as an option if it can’t work??? I even downloaded the MoneyWell 3 app (only on his website, must not have passed App Store muster) and tried to add my document, only to get incorrect balances. I won’t continue using software that instills so much frustration and annoyance in me. I’m off to search the App Store for a functional alternative. I’m sorry I ever paid the $20 to have the ability to sync multiple accounts.

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