Developer: Koding Robots doo

Current Version: 4.5.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Mémoires is an easy way to keep a journal or diary on a Mac.

NEW: version 4 is a major update which features a new look, implements native autosave, improves security, keyboard navigation, and adds new features.

* Encrypted Journals

Your personal diary is safe from prying eyes — just set a password for your journal, and Mémoires will encrypt it using the secure AES-256 cipher with proper key derivation and authentication.

* Simple and Beautiful

Mémoires has an easy-to-use, gorgeous interface, and zero useless features. Begin writing your journal right away instead of searching help files.

* Quick drawings

Just like in a paper journal, the Quick Drawing feature allows you to draw sketches, doodles, or anything you like right inside the Mémoires app.

* Autosave and Versions

Mémoires automatically saves your journals, so you won’t lose a bit. The program is fully compatible with Time Machine for seamless backups.

* Diary Printing

You can print a single entry, entries for a specified period or the whole journal. The program automatically inserts dates and titles where needed.

* Forever Yours

Industry standard SQLite database-driven file format means that there is no vendor lock-in. Plus you can export your journals to RTF, plain text, or PDF.


Release Notes:

Fresh new look. Mémoires 4 comes with the improved and modernized user interface, which wastes less screen space and has better usability. Search field is now closer to search results; password field is integrated into the journal window.

Improved security. Encrypted journals now use AES-256 encryption with a key derived from the supplied password using the state-of-the-art scrypt key derivation function, which makes bruteforcing passwords very difficult and costly. After encryption, journals are authenticated with the fast and secure keyed BLAKE2 hash function to prevent malicious modification of encrypted journals. Mémoires 4 will automatically convert your journals to the new encryption scheme when you open them.

Native autosave and versions. Mémoires now uses the native macOS autosave and versions feature, which means that your journals are now automatically and constantly backed up by Time Machine, and you no longer need to save your journals explicitly.

Native full screen. The new version comes with improved full screen support, which uses the native full screen feature of macOS. You no longer need to switch between a window and full screen modes to use the calendar or search for entries.

Keyboard navigation. You can now navigate through the calendar with arrow keys on your keyboard. Pressing Return after editing entry title will let you switch to editing the entry content.

Faster Spotlight indexing. We rewrote the Spotlight indexer and made it so fast that we removed the option to disable it: it will be used automatically for non-encrypted journals, as it no longer slows down the saving.

Go To Date. Now when you want to go to a specific date, you no longer need to click on the arrows in calendar — just click View > Go To Date… and enter the date to jump to.

“Insert” menu. It is now easier to insert links, quick drawings, or images by using the new Insert menu.

New look optimized for macOS Sierra. (Also, the app now has a new icon!)

Improved search. The program now splits queries into words before searching, so it’s now possible to find an entry containing “awesome vegan lunch” by looking for “awesome lunch”, while previous versions required entering the exact phrase.

…and lots of other small tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.1
Review by RR Arnold

Simple but just what I need - I love this app - I have longed wished for a simple journal client for the mac that is viewed and interacted with through a calendar interface, which is exactly what Memoires provides. I love the fact that the journal db is a simple standard sqlite file that can be instantly saved to my dropbox folder for instantaneous backup any time I write or save a new entry. I love the fact that it now supports password encryption. The developer has been very responsive to my e-mails as well. Great job!

Found helpful by 10 out of 11 people
Version 3.2.1
Review by Woooooolf

I want my money back!! - Really Dmitry, I would appreciate a refund.

Found helpful by 9 out of 24 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.5.1
Review by Rev Freedom

very disappointed - I will not say much, because I am not trying to be rude in any way to the developers, however this is app is very drab and unappealing visually, from the reviews i got a very different understanding and because I was desperate, to find something finally that I thought would work for me I made a foolish mistake with my money. I tried to email the deveolpers right away and my emails would not go through. so the whole experience with this app was very disappointing. this was my last attempt to find a good journaling app, way too much money to waste again. and everyone is starting to charge way too much for apps

Found helpful by 7 out of 10 people
Version 4.5.1
Review by Walden722

Makes journaling worth doing! - The design of this is simple and elegant - not overly busy - I really like it lot! The ability to have multiple journals and entries are awesome. Since getting this app, I’ve been journaling daily. I’ve tried throughout my life to journal on paper and on the computer with no success before I bought this app. This program is a great way to start off and end your day.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 4.5.1
Review by restyintro

Been using since 2011 and still love it - I use this app for keeping a digital journal. It’s so easy to use, and it automatically maintains a chornological order of your journals. Of course I don't use this to write my academic papers, freelance articles, because I use a more powerful editing tool such as microsoft word for those, but this has been a reliable, distraction-free digital journaling system that I’ve been using since 2011. It’s an excellent app for what it does.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 4.5.1
Review by restyintro

Much needed! - Love this app. Use this app all the time to free write and record my daily journal. It’s very simple to use, and with the new update, looks even better than ever. This app is simple and great!

Found helpful by 3 out of 5 people
Version 4.5.1
Review by ember lightly

Good app but want more - I bought this app hoping that I would have the ability to import entries from a different application that I had been using for years. Unfortunately, at this time, Memoires does not offer that. I have sent them a support email about this and have not heard back from them about it. It’s a decent app, but not worth the $28 I paid for it.

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people