Developer: CrowdCafé

Current Version: 2.4.9

Last Updated: 2 days ago

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Every time you move your focus from one app to another, compare data side by side or multitask in any other way, you need all the windows arranged accordingly. Magnet makes this process clean and simple.

In one drag to the edge of your display, you size a window into half of the screen. And by dragging apps to corners, you snap them into quarters. Slide them to the bottom edge to create thirds. Do the same on an ultra-wide monitor and sort your windows into sixths. Taking advantage of such arrangements eliminates app switching and greatly enhances workspace efficiency.

Magnet supports keyboard shortcuts as well, for every command it has to offer. There is a little icon sitting in the menu bar where you can find a predefined set of hotkeys or create yours.

——— FEATURES ———

・Fullscreen & Quarters of the screen supported
・Left/Right/Top/Bottom Halves of the screen supported
・Left/Center/Right Thirds of the screen supported
・Left Two Thirds & Right Two Thirds of the screen supported
・Any Sixth-combination supported on ultra-wide monitors
・Activated by dragging (optional)
・Activated by keyboard shortcuts (customizable)
・Operated via menu bar icon
・Runs both on Retina and regular displays
・Up to six external displays supported
・Vertical screens supported
・Built to run on all macOS versions since 10.9 Mavericks
・macOS 10.15 Catalina optimized


Release Notes:

• This update contains performance and stability improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.8
Review by hoffrat1

So simple, powerful, intuitive, quick, unintrusive. Replicates only good windows 7 feature ever made - I have been forced to use windows 7 at work for some time now. the windows snap to feature that magnet replicates was the only really, really, good idea to come out of the windows operating system during at that time. Magnet replicates this feature beautifully. Far simpler, and more powerful that apples split screen solution in OSX El Capitan. It couldnt be easier or more flexible that it is in this iteration. For those who feel informatiom is power, and feel more powerful when they can see all the info they want at a given time from more than one window, this program is a must! Some reviewers have mentioned the need for further power features, like auto arranging of many windows. I can see how this could be useful in some very specific use cases, but I’m not sure there can be as elegant solution for that as what magnet is trying to do. Good luck meeting that need Magnet team, but If anyone can do it, I think it’s you, because this app is nearlty perfect as it is.

Found helpful by 12 out of 13 people
Version 1.7
Review by 413girl

Not Impressive, not intuitive - First of all, there is no info about this app once you buy it. Second, if you resize the windows and move them where you want them using your trackpad, (without this app) it easily allows you to jump back and forth without an issue. The problem is that most windows really need to be full size in order to be productive. This app doesn’t help at all. It shirnks and moves apps. Somthing you can already do quite easily. What can you accomplish with a tiny square? Most things disapear when a page is shrunk. So in order to actually use them, you have to stretch the screen, which renders this app useless. I wanted to enjoy this app based on the reviews, but either everyone that reviewed it was paid to, or no one thought to just resize their own windows. There is nothing intuitive going on with it. It doesn’t just magically know that when several windows are open at once that you’d like them to be organized. You type 3 command keys at the same time, and your apps move, yet you still have to resize them. That’s why the display pics for the app have a blue and white graphic of a computer, rather than actual screen shot. If they used actual pics, you’d notice half the apps are missing because they aren’t usable at such a tiny size. And then you wouldn’t spend $1.99. It completely defeats the purpose of saving time. What a scam.

Found helpful by 20 out of 75 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.4.9
Review by KZcheese1

Great app, wish it had Windows 10 corners - Fast, seamless, elegant, and easy to adjust. I'm transitioning from a Windows 10 system and this makes life much easier. That being said I do miss some feature from Windows 10's snap feature. Windows shows a window picker to help you fill the rest of the screen after you snap one window, which makes for less juggling. Most importantly, I wish there was a way to make corner snapping control like in Windows (left / right then up / down).

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 2.4.9
Review by mkimitch

Great Workspace/Window Manager - I wish this was available on Windows, too!

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