Developer: Craig McPheeters

Current Version: 4.1.1

Last Updated: 7 days ago

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LuckGrib is a fully featured, easy to use, fast GRIB reader, viewer and downloader. Remote access to weather data via satellite or email is supported. Advanced weather routing capabilities, for sailors, is also available.

Weather forecast data, packaged as GRIB files, can be downloaded directly from the LuckGrib server cluster.

Downloads are available via: a direct high speed internet connection, through the Iridium GO!, through the RedPort Optimizer, or via one of the various email services (for example: MailASail, UUPlus, XGate or SailMail.)

LuckGrib provides access to many weather and ocean models, including: GFS, GDPS/GEM, GEFS, WW3, HRRR, RAP, NAM, NBM, Icon-EU, Arpège, Arome, OpenWRF, RTOFS, NCOM and many others. These models allow you to study surface conditions, wave and swell state, ocean currents as well as higher altitude information such as that found at the 850mb, 500mb and 250mb levels. In addition, LuckGrib allows you to explore weather model uncertainty with its support for standard deviation and probability values. LuckGrib is a thoroughly modern and advanced GRIB viewer.

All direct high-speed internet data downloads are free. You have access to over 50 weather and ocean models. See: for more details on the models and parameters that are available.

LuckGrib comes with a 14 day free trial. If you are interested in studying weather and gaining access to detailed weather forecasts, download the app and give it a try.

Downloading data via satellite or email requires the Offshore Data in-app purchase. The Offshore Data system provides the best compression available. Better compression leads to smaller files. Smaller files, along with an optimized transport protocol, results in faster, more reliable direct downloads. See for more details on the remote access capabilities.

Sailors have access to two Weather Routing systems: an automated isochronal system to find optimized paths through weather systems, along with a manual system for planning long passages. Weather Routing will improve your understanding of the weather systems you sail in, through tools such as the analysis images, meteogram and ability to explore the isochronal solution space. The LuckGrib weather routing system is high quality, robust, high performance and comprehensive. See for more details. Access to the isochronal weather routing system requires an in-app purchase.

Note that LuckGrib does not use a subscription pricing model - after the free trial, when you decide to purchase the app, there will be a one time charge, not an ongoing subscription.


Release Notes:

This is a minor update, fixing the parsing of the app receipt for an unusual case.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by wasmithjr

Grib Viewer for Mac - First off, the software creator, Craig, is awesome. Before purchasing this app I sent him an email asking a couple questions and he responded almost immediately. Second off, this is hands down the best grib viewer for Mac. I spent quite a bit of time trying to port grib viewers from Windows/Linux on to Mac and I spent quite a bit of time trying to find one that was natively supported by Mac. Long story short, I stumbled across this gem. I have rougly 10 years of forecasting experience for aviation and remote expeditions. I would like to note that I do not have a sailing background, which is what this app is focused towards. However, for what I do this app is amazing. It’s fast and efficient, and the software developer is quick to respond to any issues. There is a pretty extensive list of things you can do as far as creating your own styles and color schemes and if you have a meteorological background then this app is for you.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 3.0.1
Review by CH037

initial 2 hr review after purchase - pros: somewhat simple to use, video tutorial with no sound cons: relative high cost $20 for basic grib viewer, best to be used for planning a trip BUT not actually underway since no GPS or chart import capability conclusion: not for most sailors who need to use app to see & follow their position real time. save the $20 toward more capable apps. ocean sailing experience: 15 years other apps used: sail grib WR android free & paid version, MX Mariner android free & paid version suggestion to developer: offer a free basic version for trial use

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people