LiveQuartz Photo Edit

Developer: Romain Piveteau

Current Version: 2.8.7

Last Updated: 6 months ago

Download Size: 8.7 MB - Download


A simple and powerful photo editor for the Mac.

It is based on non destructive layers and filters. The layers are at the left and the filters are at the right of the window. To edit a photo, just drag it into the window (or layers’ list) and it will be added as a new layer. LiveQuartz supports Gestures (Multi-Touch).



TWITTER : @livequartz

“As a product manager I constantly need to communicate my ideas visually but I lack the time, attention and motivation to learn something like Photoshop. I downloaded LiveQuartz Lite and was manipualting images and creating new content within minutes. I didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on the upgrade to the Unlimited version and more than happy that I did. I’ve since encouraged my non technical friends and my kids to use it and have seen the same results.Highly recommended.” - BobKattt (2.3.2)

“I enjoy Mac style Apps because they make artistic sense to me. I like to have as little math, tangent calculations, and non creative tasks involved  when I am creating artwork and graphic design projects. With LiveQuartz, pencils act like pencils, and brushes brush. Actions are smooth and simple as putting a pen to paper. The layers behave magically and the various composites and photo effects are fluid and intuitive. Each time I use this program, I find new tools and combinations that help add to the fun of creating. Great program.” - Phil Seymour (2.0.3)


• "Layer moving tool"
• "Brush"
• "Duplication tool"
• "Drawing tools" (lines, rectangles, rounded corners rectangles, ovals)
• "Gradient tools"
• "Rich Text tool"
• "Eraser tool"
• "Background eraser and Paint Bucket tools"
• "Filter effect tool"
• "Color Picker tool"
• "Rectangle Selection tool"
• "Ellipse Selection tool"
• "Lasso / Polygonal lasso tool"
• "Magnifying glass"


• Native non destructive format : rhif (RHapsoft Image Format, sqlite based)

• Read / Export formats : pdf, heif, png, jpeg, jpeg2000, tiff, tga, gif, bmp, OpenEXR

• Read only formats :
raw, photoshop (merged layers), icns, sgi, Windows ico, Windows cursor, FlashPix, MacPaint, QuickTime Import Format, Radiance, XWindow bitmap


Standard Core Image Filters + Shadow filter + "Flip" geometry filter


Release Notes:

2.8.6 / 2.8.7:
* Using the magnifying glass while doing a multi-clic selection with lasso is now possible
* New Affine Tile filter
* New Inner Shadow parameter available on shadow filter. This could be a great effect on Text layers. (be careful when sharing LiveQuartz documents: a document having a shadow filter from 2.8.6 and beyond will not open on older LiveQuartz’s versions)

Bug fixes:
* Background grid display issues are now fixed.
* Fixing Command-Alt behaviour (move and cut)
* Filter tool is now disabled when a disabled layer is selected or if its filter is disabled.
* Layers having transform and filters generating images of infinite size (example: Tile filters) were not rendered correctly due to cache issues. This is a partial bug fix. The final image is not affected by these bugs.
* The filter tool (spirale) point position was not refreshed after changing the window zoom.
* With certain filters needing images as parameters, the composition image was not refreshed after dropping images to the parameter setting.

2.8.3 / 2.8.4 / 2.8.5
Bug fixes and speed increase:
* Disabled optimisations on big layers (more than 100 millions pixels) having filters to avoid using too much memory
* Fixed a bad layer flattening when using background eraser or paint bucket on a layer having geometry filters
* Update to Swift 5
* Crash after closing and opening document window is fixed
* Small speed increase when using brush, eraser and duplication tool
* More speed when using background eraser and paint bucket (gain could be better on macOS 10.13 and 10.14)
* More speed when using filter tool (gain could be better on macOS 10.13 and 10.14)
* Background eraser bug fixed (wrong reference colour)
* Fixing CISpotLight filter

New Features:
* In Edit menu, the latest selection can be restored
* As it is similar, the brand new “Paint Bucket” is available by choosing the background eraser tool with ‘alt’ key pressed
* Drag and Drop of text layers is now possible (Previously, it would have converted the layer to a pixel image layer)
* Default corner input points for certain transform filters now default to the current position of the corners (example: “Perspective Correction” filter)

Bug fixes:
* Drag and drop of layers and filters between two LiveQuartz documents is back on Mojave
* Fixing an issue on certain configuration with painting tools on Mojave (pencil and duplication tool)
* Scrolling with input devices like the magic mouse is disabled while using tools to avoid wired behaviour
* Fixing an english localisation issue in filter picker
* Fixing a layer size issue with background eraser when using a selection


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.9.7
Review by poematirix

Exactly what I was looking for. - The price is a joke, the software is excellent. This is exactly what I was looking for, and then some. I was looking for a software that allows you to simply perform simple tasks. Remove something from an image, add something to an image, etc. But this software even enables you to do sophisticated things just as easily. Kudos to the programmer: Fine job!

Found helpful by 12 out of 13 people
Version 1.9.6
Review by Mikeandnora

Can not even edit a 2mb photo without freezing up. - All I am attempting to do is use the duplication tool on a relatively small photo on my new macbook pro. No luck. The app takes my available memory from ~1.94gb of free memory down to 10mb and locks up the computer for a minute or so. All this when I make ONE CLICK using the duplication tool. Major Beta and not worth 2 bucks at this point.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people