Developer: iwaxx Sarl

Current Version: 6.4.0

Last Updated: 5 days ago

Download Size: 2 MB - Download


LanScan is a free, simple and efficient IPv4 network scanner that discovers all active devices on any subnet: the local one, or any public subnet that you configure.

-> Auto-detection of configured interfaces: Airport, Ethernet, Virtual interfaces ...
-> Scan the IP range you like, from 1 IP to the whole IPv4 address space!
-> Scan your local network with ARP packets
-> Scan public IP network ranges with Ping / SMB / mDNS packets
-> Display the IP address, MAC address, hostname (4 max) and vendor associated
-> Discover the SMB domain if any configured
-> Hostname resolution: DNS, mDNS (Apple devices) and SMB (Windows devices)
-> Custom hostname edition
-> Custom comment for each device
-> Open custom URL in browser
-> Export results in CSV files
-> Hide/show each column
-> Align each column as you want
-> No limitation on the number of devices found !

Comparison with the LanScan Pro edition:
-> Only 4 hostnames are fully displayed - You'll see the first 3 chars of the others

Since v4, it's preferred to buy the In-App purchase in LanScan Free edition than buying the LanScan Pro application.


Release Notes:

* Enhanced DNS resolution : a lot of results were missing on large scans
* Implemented printing feature with tabs separated raw data (like export files)
* Scan is now stopped if network interface disconnects
* Fixed a bug if trying to save a custom URL for a non-local IP (no MAC address)
* Fixed a bug where progress bar was appearing on launch instead of search field
* MAC addresses updated


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.0
Review by ted rusky

Great compliment to Airport Utility - I was looking for a program that would show me all of the WIRED and wireless devices connected to my network. I use a Time Capsule as the router before a switch on my home network and LanScan allowed me to see and confirm the devices I have connected via ethernet. Airport Utility only shows wireless devices so this program was just what I was looking for.

Found helpful by 13 out of 13 people
Version 3.3
Review by Rubyfish

Does not do what developer states ... - This app does not do what the developer states. It allows you to enter or edit the hostname, BUT THEN removes most of the name and replaces it with self promotion to get the (paid) PRO version. For example, at first one of my network device's hostname displayed "DIR-601" but a few seconds later the program changed it to "DIR *** Go Pro! ***". I have another host with the name "DIR-615", but then the app automatically changed that one also to "DIR *** Go Pro! ***". So really it does NOT actually display or allow you to enter the hostname because it goes and changes it. VERY deceptive description above under program features: "… host name (4 max) and vendor associated". IT SHOULD SAY DON'T BOTHER CHANGING HOSTNAME BECAUSE IT WILL JUST DEFAULT BACK TO AN AD FOR THE PRO VERSION!

Found helpful by 21 out of 22 people