JAC Digital

Developer: Dalamser

Current Version: 3.5

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 8.7 MB - Download


JAC (“Just A Clock”) Digital — for when you just need to know the time.

One or more resizable digital clocks showing the time in different locations.

• A selection of functional designs, primarily minimalist but including some faux real material.

• When the time changes numeral-based designs “roll” over; while 7-segment-based designs are static with individual segments fading on/off.

• Optional date, timezone, 12/24 hour, AM/PM and leading-zero display.

• Uses system language & calendar for display.

• Clocks may optionally float above other apps, or be brought forward using a hot corner.

• Spaces/Mission Control aware.


Release Notes:

• Support for Mojave’s Dark Mode.

• Nautical timezones now available in the Table Picker, these are GMT±hour offset zones without daylight savings. Nautical zones may therefore be used to quickly set up a clock for a place with a known GMT hour offset as well as for clocks showing the time for a vessel on the high seas.

• Documented that search suggestions are only available in macOS 10.11.4+ and how search works on earlier macOS versions.


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.5
Review by Roger, Gone Green

Too Smart fot Me. - I couldn't make the app do what I wanted it to do. Griped at the developer, via this review. Gave it one star, too. Developer politely told me how to do what I wanted. Didn't even whine about the review. NOW that the developer has fixxed the Wetware problem (me), it is a perfectly wonderful app and does everything I could want it to do. A future iteration might be cool to have the ability to set an alarm or two on a clock (e.g., I'm in Pacific time and I have to call in to someone at 9:00 AM Central; so I just set an alarm at the destination time without having to translate. Of Course then they'd have to change the name, to JAC&A (and Alarm). Works, thoughtful features (like always-on-top mode) and responsive developer. What more could you really ask for . . .

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Version 3.5
Review by Starstreamer

no seconds readout - That's probably my fault for not checking but I got this to use in a radio environment where I need to say a time in a different time zone than I live in but need seconds for timing.

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