Iris Audio Player

Developer: Deviate

Current Version: 1.0.2

Last Updated: 15 days ago

Download Size: 8.3 MB - Download


Iris allows any podcaster or radio broadcaster to easily and reliably play audio files. Simply drag jingles, interviews, songs, and sound effects into an Iris Audio Player, and Iris will cue them up for instant playback, automatically removing any silence at the beginning of the file.

The clean interface shows you what's playing, and displays both elapsed and remaining play time. Simply click on an item in your playlist to cue it up as the next item. Seamless looping of an audio file is available, too.

Iris was designed with flexibility in mind. Need more than one Iris Audio Player? Simply hit CMD+N for an extra player. Set a different audio device for each player if you need to connect them to individual channels/faders on your mixer. Finally, hot start all players through a MIDI controller (e.g. Akai LPD 8) or Elgato's Stream Deck!

- Play a wide variety of audio formats: anything your Finder plays, Iris plays too.
- Automatically auto cue every file before playback.
- Open as many players as your computer can handle.
- Assign different audio devices to each player.
- Start playback with mouse, keyboard, MIDI or Elgato Stream Deck.


Release Notes:

Adds native support for Apple Silicon.