InstaTip: Smart Tip Calculator

Developer: Honghao Zhang

Current Version: 1.4

Last Updated: 13 days ago

Download Size: 5.3 MB - Download


Tipping is hard.
It's just so annoying to do the math for the tip amount and write down the accurate total. When a bill goes to a party of people, splitting the bill just makes the math even harder.

InstaTip is a smart tip calculator and bill splitter for daily usage. This app is thoughtfully crafted to provide an intuitive UI to calculate the tip, round the total, and split with multiple people.

Core Features:
• Bill text recognition for automatic tip calculation.
• Tip based on the tax-excluded amount (before tax), to avoid the unfair tip suggestions shown on the bill.
• An intuitive bill view. Just input what you see on the real bill and get the tip and total automatically.
• Customize the tax rates.
• Calculate the tip by 3 customizable tip rates or input tip rate directly.
• Tip rounding:
• Round total or tip up or down.
• Palindrome round. For example, $76.23 will be rounded to $76.67.
• Tautonym round. For example, $76.23 will be rounded to $76.76.
• Tip splitting, show tip per person and total per person.
• Display current date time and address to help to recall the payment.

By using "Palindrome total" or "Tautonym total", you could easily validate your transaction on the credit card statement later.


Release Notes:

• new appearance
• new font