Infltr - Infinite Filters

Developer: Yooshr Ltd

Current Version: 4.8.1

Last Updated: 5 days ago

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Why limit yourself to the few stock filters that come with your photo apps? Make each picture perfect with infinite filters, available only through Infltr!

Designed to be the most advanced photo editor for iOS & macOS, Infltr is also very simple to use – making it the ideal app for both advanced and novice picture takers. All your Photos, Videos, Live Photos, Animated GIFs and Depth Photos can be made just perfect using the unlimited filters of Infltr!

• Infltr is the only app that allows you to change filters infinitely by panning your finger on the screen. Keep panning in any direction and the filter will keep changing.

As Tapsmart said in its review, Infltr “strongly encourages experimentation, and getting a good result feels slightly magical.”

• More than 7 million filter possibilities as you design your own filters to make each picture perfect.
• 28 amazing editing tools, tweak your favourite filters to perfection.
• Add filters as you snap pics or edit the images afterward.
• Dedicated video tools: trim, volume, add music.

With the swipe of your finger, edit Photos, Videos, Live Photos, Animated GIFs and Depth Photos with tools that enable you to crop and flip images, plus make powerful edits such as perspective, straighten, rotate, sharpen, saturation, contrast, brightness, vignette, temperature, tint, hue, selective HSL, double exposure, highlights, shadows, highlights tint, shadow tint, fade, grain, color shift, color overlay, and exposure.

• says Infltr is “short of vowels but has plenty of tools and literally millions of filters.”

The possibilities are endless, and sometimes magic happens by accident! Once you create a filter you like, save it as a Favorite!

• Discover a new filter every day from Infltr's Widget!

Once your pic is perfect, you want to share it! Infltr makes sharing your edited Photos, Videos, Live Photos, Animated GIFs and Depth Photos super easy with WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Instagram Story, GIPHY…

Pro Features:
• While many apps downscale images, Infltr retains the HD resolution – great news for those editing panorama photos or those taken with a DSLR camera.
• Offers the most powerful Depth Photo editor on the market - edit both the background and foreground of your pics independently!
• Connect to Dropbox to edit your photos online.

If you like your pictures perfect, we think you’ll agree Infltr is a must-have app. We invite you to try it out and drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know what you think!

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Release Notes:

- Infltr is now available on the Mac!
Enjoy the best editor & filter creator on your laptop or desktop.
Bonus: it is free!

- Improved Snapchat & TikTok sharing.

- New media overlay tool.
It lets you overlay photos on top of others.
You can choose the shape of your overlay out of 360 styles.

- New pack of stickers: Summer
- We've added many shortcuts, long press hard on items like stickers to discover them.
- Redesign of the filters discovery screen.

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Version 4.8.1
Review by mishari11

جميل - 😍

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Version 4.8.1
Review by tonnyvan

Can’t apply filters separately - I can’t apply filter for foreground or background separately for Portrait. The filter applies to the whole photo doesn’t matter I choose foreground or background. Please help or fix the issue!!

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Version 4.8.1
Review by sinsible

Please. Give me. My full access - I purchased the app before the subscription came and the developers said people who paid previously before the subscription implementation we could have full access but whenever I tried to contact people about it I got an error. It’s been a really long time, and I don’t have full access yet.

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