Developer: Tumult

Current Version: 1.6.1

Last Updated: 7 years ago

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Tumult HyperEdit is a lightweight HTML and PHP editor with a preview pane that displays the web page live as you type. HyperEdit breaks the tedious cycle of writing html, saving the file, then reloading and viewing the page in the browser by combining the writing phase with the viewing phase. This clarifies the effects of your changes and speeds up the overall process of making a web page. W3C-based validation will red-underline any mistakes. It uses the same rendering engine found in Safari, so it is not only standards compliant, but also very fast.

Macworld: 4 1/2 mice (Nov '04)

HyperEdit can be used for:
* Testing HTML to make sure it looks exactly as you want it.
* Testing and executing PHP code.
* Writing forum, blog, or journal entries.
* Interactively trying out CSS code.
* Running and debugging Javascript.
* And creating whole websites.

Main Features:
* Preview pane quickly renders HTML, CSS, Javascript, or PHP as typed.
* Live HTML W3C-based validation with red underlines and an error drawer
* Code Snippets palette allows commonly used code and tags (open and close) to be saved and recalled using custom key stroke combinations
* Syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, CSS, and Javascript with custom colors and fonts
* Files attached to the table in the Linked Filed drawer will cause a refresh of the web view when they are saved.
* View HTML source code generated by the PHP engine
* Color swatches palette allows inserting colors and saving favorites


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.6.1
Review by CandaceSoVan

Very nice lightweight HTML/PHP editor - I love my MacBook Air (MBA), but it really doesn't have the horsepower (or hard disk space or RAM) to handle heavy duty apps. On my iMac, I run MAMP Pro and Coda for most of my web development work, but I wanted some way to do quick site changes or touch ups from my MBA. Then I discovered HyperEdit. I bought it yesterday, spent no more than ten or twenty minutes doping it out, and now I can call up any page from my Web site in it on my MBA to make changes. I use Transmit for FTP (as someone else pointed out, it would nice if FTP were included in HyperEdit, but for me it's no deal breaker), and I'm set. I'm not about to do heavy-duty animation or photo re-touching on the MBA, but for blogging, and making modest additions to/corrections of a site, it's terrific. I attached my main style sheet to the app, and now I can open any page and BAM! it pops up, looking just as it should, side-by-side with the code. I really love it. It's just what I was looking for. (And so far, no glitchiness, no crashes, no file corruption -- it works as it should and gets the job done.)

Found helpful by 13 out of 13 people
Version 1.6.1
Review by Nati Alva

HORRIBLE! - You mind as well be writing straight html code. Cannot embed sound unless you have embedded it in ether flash or a movie. Get Dreamweaver.

Found helpful by 2 out of 61 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.6.1
Review by AppleFan.123

Love this app! - This is a great app. It does exactly what it says it will do. It doesn't say it is an FTP client, it doesn't say it writes HTML for you. It is an editor. This app is really great, it has helped me to learn CSS because I can see immediate feedback of everything I type, which is extremely helpful.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 1.6.1
Review by VoyagerThree

Great - Although probably not powerful enough for a proffessional web design company, this application is great for me! Although HTML can easily be coded in a simple text editor, HyperEdit gives more of a "compiler" feel to the process, great for programmers like me. This application would be amazing if there was support for auto-completion of code, like codesense in Xcode. Of course that is asking for a lot, but perhaps just completion of tags. Good price, and a great buy for a programmer just starting web design.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.6.1
Review by Sneakers55

Nice simple HTML editor - HyperEdit is a nice, simple HTML editor. I did have some trouble bringing over files created on a Windows machine. I’d occasionally run into a file that opened as blank, yet Safari could read it. After some experimentation, I discovered that a number of ANSI character strings had to be converted to their escaped versions, like cent signs, quote marks, and accented letters. Once I understood that (I’ve been editing almost 300 HTML files over the past month) I was able to work with it with ease. It gives me total control over the HTML. The split-screen preview of the file you are editing adds a lot of functionality. I’ve tried two other HTML editors, both more expensive than HyperEdit, but I HyperEdit is what I go back to because it works!

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.6.1
Review by elvisofdallas.com

No recent development, but work is really needed! - This is a GREAT concept. HyperEdit is a cool app that is a good complement to apps like Espresso and Coda; however, it is really lacking in a few areas. First, there is a large learning curve as compared to simply editing PHP and posting on your server (or running against your local server). If you are looking for instant debugging, you may be a little disappointed. Next, the design of linked files and tracking grouped projects of files is not where it should be. Maybe I'm just so used to version control systems that something without basic grouping features seems primative, but that's just how I see it. Finally, the app needs some work and it appears to be off the radar for new features and updates. Pros: still a great concept, if it is updated it could be a perfect tool in your developer bag of tricks. The price is right (now just $9.99, used to be $25 I think), and it does parse PHP in real time.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 1.6.1
Review by Music1an

Nice but .. - Good HTML editor. - A killer feature that would make the preview feature a lot more useful: have the html and preview panes scroll synchronously with some sort of highlighting to mark the area of the preview pane corresponding to where the cursor is in the HTML pane. - Also would be nice to show some sort structural map for the HTML side and allow navigation by clicking on a node

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people